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Nascera Continent, Final, 07 December 29, 2009

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Two isolated, broken pillars in Bluebells again. The school of fish circling the more upright of the two are, mysteriously, totally black and lacking in any detail whatsoever. Again, the thought crosses my mind: is this done on purpose? More on that later, perhaps.

Relationship of these 2 pillars with the wrecked ship in the center of Bluebells.

Then while Baker Bloch was walking around the area more, he came across a “Sunken Shrine” according to its description, this time in Corrigan to the immediate northwest of Bluebells. As you can tell, we have a relief sculpture in this case, although the presence of the similarly colored egg (animated color texture here) seems to indicate that this is the same river goddess found in more rounded form earlier — both hold the egg in their hand or hands. Both figures might also be chiseled out of the same type of green (sea?) rock as well.

Same figure on the back, but the egg is animated a bit differently — what is apparently the same range of colors physically moves *across* the egg instead of in time. That is, the color of the egg on what we’ll call the “front” of the shrine changes *as a whole* through the spectrum over time, while the one on the “back” already contains all the spectrum moving across its surface. Think I explained that correctly.

*Then* right after this Baker finds a Corrigan double to the more 3d statue of the goddess, but with lavender or periwinkle colored egg and eyes instead of the cyan color found in the otherwise duplicate Bluebells version. A bit later on, I also learn that two are positioned in different ways, with the Bluebells version facing directly west and the Corrigan version, in contrast, facing the seemingly odd angle of north by northeast. The Corrigan version also mysteriously lies on the border of two sims, Corrigan and Pixy. I”ll explain more theories about these various differences in an upcoming post.

Baker then attempts to ride one of the various species of large catfish circling around the ruins, and regrets his decision. As he also later learned, all of the larger catfish in the area will similarly gnaw on you if you attempt to sit on them or ride them. But somehow he emerges unbloodied and in relatively good shape, save for his shaken nerves.

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