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Nascera Continent, Final? 06 December 23, 2009

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Alven at 128,128,48. This is the default landing point upon a search for the Alven sim through the map tab of the SL viewer, its very center. Here Baker Bloch looks north after teleporting in.

Ivesleaf, the supposed “twin” (rook) of Alven, again at the default 128,128 landing point (127,128.32 to be precise) and looking in the same direction northward. You can toggle between the two pictures to see the variations, which mostly involve the vegetation. There’s also a path Baker lands on in Alven that doesn’t appear in Ivesleaf.

The same position in Alven but looking south now. This is just Baker Bloch turning in his tracks from snapshot 1 above.

And again the same in Ivesleaf from the center position. Toggle between the two snapshots as before.

Japanese themed region, once more. I like riding through *all* the themed regions on my bike except for the A-frame area, which seems a little dull in comparison to the others. Will try that out again soon, though.

More underwater finds just biking around at random on Nascera, this time in Corrigan. In the description it’s called a “Sunken Shrine,” but to what goddess or deity? Is it the same river goddess as found in Bluebells earlier by Baker Bloch? They’re located in the same river after all, and holding what appears to be the same type of glowing blue orb.

Could those orbs have something to do with *these* orbs (found nearby)??

I’m really starting to think that marbles are actually indicated in a larger picture.

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