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Nascera Continent, Final? 05 December 23, 2009

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The remains of a wrecked ship in the very center of Bluebells that Baker didn’t provide a picture of before. Is the alignment with the sim’s center perhaps purposeful here?

Inside of another model home in Elderglen. A couple of freebies available within, namely a wizard’s hat and a spell book.

Lily pad bespeckled pond in the northeast corner of Elderglen. The two frogs positioned atop one of the lily pads are the same species as the singlet pictured within the Elderglen Infohub, maybe a 100 meters away now. No companion yellow orb here, though; its presence in the Infohub pic remains a mystery to me.

And then the other, odder picture found previously in the Infohub by Baker Bloch is partially explained as he rounds the northern edge of Elderglen: here’s the transporter mentioned in the picture! I messed up some of the snapshots showing various details of the transporter, but stuck on one of the 8 surrounding portals, which I did manage to show in one, um, undamaged photo seen below (more on those portals soon as well!) there’s a note of apology penned by Magellan Linden himself regarding the transporter mishap. And in looking around more and seeing the various empty cans and bottle (4 Linden Lab Liason Triple Bochs, 1 Hippopotamus Fine Cognac, 1 Old Wart Hog O.P. Rum) in front of 1 of the 2 alchohol stocked crates labelled “Field Supplies” in the immediate vicinity, it wasn’t hard to guess that Magellan’s famous penchant for the drink was the direct cause of the mishap, in whatever shape and form it actually took. Still certainly nice, however, that ML simply said to send him the bill for the destruction. Must be a man of some wealth.

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