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Nascera, etc… December 23, 2009

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“We won’t be speaking for a number of days, Hucka D. Thought I’d check in before the gap.”

Hucka D. (jumping right in):

The Cornfields have at least temporarily decided not to own a house in California Dreaming. They were disappointed upon finding out that you cannot select the house you want in the region of your choice. Instead you have a house assigned “at random” by Linden Labs.


That is rather disappointing, if understandable. I think you want to say we need to talk them out of it still.

Hucka D.;

Their luck will be good in this matter. They are the new Adam and Eve and must shed their clothing to denounce the core teaching of St. Lemon of Troy. We must examine Adam and Lillith, instead. Lily White Lillith.



What has the person we’ve been calling Peter have to do with Nascera, Hucka D.?

Hucka D.:

Peter created Nascera. A town was sent.


Could the Elderglen transporter that Magellen Linden supposedly broke be connected to the stones (and apparent portal, also broke?) in Villeneuve? — both are portals?

Hucka D. (repeating himself):

A town was sent. Bill. Bill… fork.


Both number 8 stones.

Hucka D.:

You must remove the 37th to begin play of the game. Chess. Solitaire. Game. Missing Piece. Esbum. Michigan. Michigan.


Thank you.


Nascera Continent, Final? 06

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Alven at 128,128,48. This is the default landing point upon a search for the Alven sim through the map tab of the SL viewer, its very center. Here Baker Bloch looks north after teleporting in.

Ivesleaf, the supposed “twin” (rook) of Alven, again at the default 128,128 landing point (127,128.32 to be precise) and looking in the same direction northward. You can toggle between the two pictures to see the variations, which mostly involve the vegetation. There’s also a path Baker lands on in Alven that doesn’t appear in Ivesleaf.

The same position in Alven but looking south now. This is just Baker Bloch turning in his tracks from snapshot 1 above.

And again the same in Ivesleaf from the center position. Toggle between the two snapshots as before.

Japanese themed region, once more. I like riding through *all* the themed regions on my bike except for the A-frame area, which seems a little dull in comparison to the others. Will try that out again soon, though.

More underwater finds just biking around at random on Nascera, this time in Corrigan. In the description it’s called a “Sunken Shrine,” but to what goddess or deity? Is it the same river goddess as found in Bluebells earlier by Baker Bloch? They’re located in the same river after all, and holding what appears to be the same type of glowing blue orb.

Could those orbs have something to do with *these* orbs (found nearby)??

I’m really starting to think that marbles are actually indicated in a larger picture.

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Nascera Continent, Final? 05

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The remains of a wrecked ship in the very center of Bluebells that Baker didn’t provide a picture of before. Is the alignment with the sim’s center perhaps purposeful here?

Inside of another model home in Elderglen. A couple of freebies available within, namely a wizard’s hat and a spell book.

Lily pad bespeckled pond in the northeast corner of Elderglen. The two frogs positioned atop one of the lily pads are the same species as the singlet pictured within the Elderglen Infohub, maybe a 100 meters away now. No companion yellow orb here, though; its presence in the Infohub pic remains a mystery to me.

And then the other, odder picture found previously in the Infohub by Baker Bloch is partially explained as he rounds the northern edge of Elderglen: here’s the transporter mentioned in the picture! I messed up some of the snapshots showing various details of the transporter, but stuck on one of the 8 surrounding portals, which I did manage to show in one, um, undamaged photo seen below (more on those portals soon as well!) there’s a note of apology penned by Magellan Linden himself regarding the transporter mishap. And in looking around more and seeing the various empty cans and bottle (4 Linden Lab Liason Triple Bochs, 1 Hippopotamus Fine Cognac, 1 Old Wart Hog O.P. Rum) in front of 1 of the 2 alchohol stocked crates labelled “Field Supplies” in the immediate vicinity, it wasn’t hard to guess that Magellan’s famous penchant for the drink was the direct cause of the mishap, in whatever shape and form it actually took. Still certainly nice, however, that ML simply said to send him the bill for the destruction. Must be a man of some wealth.

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