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Add New Post… December 22, 2009

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To the reader:

Hucka D. is going to state that the Cornfields, Nataly and Nathan, live or lived on Yd Island, in or near what’s called Meddledown, which appears to be the name of a sim on the opposite side of the island from my rental property in Villeneuve. They learned of my blog, the Baker Blinker Blog, through this proximity, and some of the keywords I mentioned in describing the environs of Yd Island. I think I, for example, cited Meddledown once. Yes, in checking, found that I had briefly talked in this December 2nd post about the location of an island gallery in Meddledown called Tickles and Bites. Have to ask Hucka D. if the Cornfields are involved in this gallery.

Anyway, they learned of the Nascera continent through my blog in this way, and after taking a look themselves, following the lead of some of my posts on the subject, the Cornfields decided to attempt to own a 512 parcel in what Hucka D. is calling California Dreaming. According to the official Second Life blog, this would be the area called a “california modern” region, one of four themed regions of Nascera as a whole, and occupying the center of the new continent.

While visiting some of the houses available in the southeast portion of California Dreaming, the Cornfields claimed to see something fly directly above their heads, silently gliding toward the southeast, or across the open sim just in front of them to the fantasy themed region taking up the south of the continent. It was my 50 meter high Big E (!), sans the inclusive gallery. I had already made initial contact with one of the two Cornfields prior to this concerning aspects of my blog, and their involvement in Yd Island and also their stated intention, at the time, to check out Nascera. In my second contact with them, they mention seeing the Big E; they were obviously curious if I was doing another story or whatever for the blog, i.e., they obviously thought I myself was involving with the flying Big E, since I had posted pictures of this same location in my blog — the reason for their interest in it themselves. I assured them I had nothing to do with this Big E. I asked if it looked exactly the same as the one in my Big E Gallery, showing them pictures. They said it looked the same. I reassured them that I had nothing to do with it. They understandably seemed unconvinced, but accepted my assurance, reassurance, and re-reassurance in the end.

The description of the E: the Cornfields said it flew directly over their heads, with the long part of the E pointed toward the southeast corner of Nascera. They said they knew this because they had just been checking out the southeast vista from the upper story of the house they had just exited, which looked toward some tall trees at the edge of the fantasy themed area, visible with a 128 draw distance. The Cornfields indicated that the Big E only appeared for a couple of seconds, quickly disappearing into clouds as it headed southeast toward the fantasy lands. But they got a clear look — they remembered it from my blog since I had written so much about the Big E Gallery recently.

I asked them which side of the E was showing and the Cornfields stated the “E” side (and, by default, not the “Schwa” side). “Let’s bring in Hucka D.”

Hucka D.:

The Big E was not real, yet they saw it. It headed directly southeast, starting in the exact center of Nascera and ending in the precise southeast corner of the new continent in Pixley* The Big E is representative of a rook in the Nascera-chess analogy. It moved southeast or on a diagonal — like a bishop, then, as opposed to a rook. What does a bishop and a rook combine into, then?


A queen.

Hucka D.:

Right… this is a queen, then. A rook that has the ability to move like a bishop. It moves from center to southeast.


I think you want to talk about the Cornfields more.

Hucka D.:

That is their real names, Nathaniel and Nataly. They are on facebook, even. We have decided not to use their avatar names. Nathaniel is a ship builder. He is from Arab, Alabama, baker b.**


You indicated he was born in Eddy. Both of them are born in Eddy. Are they twin siblings or are they a married couple, then?

Hucka D.:

They are both.


I don’t think that’s possible…

Hucka D.:

They are the rebis, the new Adam and Eve. They will resolve the covering of the original Sunklands inhabitants. They will reverse the error of the teachings of St. Lemon of Troy. California Dreaming is Petemond, baker b. That’s why the giant E was there.


California Dreaming is just a modern themed region of Nascera, Hucka D. (pause) But you said, “a town was sent” in terms of Petemond. Is this the town sent?

Hucka D.:

Chess: there is a Nascera -chess link to be made. The Elderglen infohub is the white king, the center that must be protected. [That is,] his space occupies the position of this infohub in the primary overlap.*** A second bleedthrough is the twinning of the two sims occupied by the white rooks. Insert a picture here when you get a chance…



I will. Does this have anything to do with Alice’s famous journey across a landscape shaped like a giant chess board in Through The Looking Glass?

Hucka D.:

The “E” went in search of Michigan (pause).


Esbum [Michigan]?

(to be continued?)


* Hucka D. is calling the fantasy themed land Pixley or Pixleyland, another invented term like California Dreaming. He states this has something to do directly with the Cornfields and their Adam and Eve like status in Nascera.

** Hucka D. states this connects in an undoubtable way with The Arab of Sunklands, which he’ll get to asap.

*** For instance, compare this with this. The Elderglen Infohub lies directly under the White King piece.12/22/09: Furthermore, could the very shape of the white-ish Infohub correlate with the cross of a traditional king chess piece?

**** 12/22/09: Better comparison of Alven and Ivesleaf here (thanks again to Tyche Shepard for these footnote sim maps, this time through the Second Life grid survey!)


Nascera Continent And Games

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Below: what appears to be the primary Nascera-chess resonance according to Hucka D. at least, with the Elderglen Infohub doubling as the pivotal white king, and the otherwise twinned sims of Alven and Ivesleaf, in the extreme southwest and southeast corners of Nascera respectively, filling in for the likewise twinned white rooks.

A possible secondary Nascera-chess overlap, perpendicular to the first. Black and white are interchangable here, most likely. It highlights the twinning of the Japanese themed region (left) and the A frame themed region (right).

Just thought I’d throw these in here…

Possible Madagascar Solitaire connection with this design found in Bluebells. Rocks equal marbles? See here as well.


Nascera Continent, Final? 04

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Moving once more into the fantasy themed region, here’s a view inside a different style house than previously visited by Baker Bloch. The idea is that you’re inside the trunk of a giant tree. Certainly an interesting experiment… outside the box a bit, shall we say.

Then in the Elderglen Infohub, Baker Bloch was again surprised, this time by the clear indication that famed SL explorer Magellen Linden had already visited the newly risen Nascera continent.

On the opposite wall, a frog with an interesting golden orb placed in front of it.

Baker tries his hand at playing a lute sitting on a stage in the corner of the Infohub’s main room. To his complete surprise, he subsequently strums a beautiful, complex tune of short duration. Ah, but it must just be the magic of the place, and not any latent talent showing through.

Infohub from the north through a cluster of glowy trees.

To the south lies this mushroom lined trail loop with several model houses along it.

Then Baker decides to hop back over to the buffer sims bordering the Japanese themed region to enjoy the rising sun.

Quite spectacular.

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Nascera Continent, Final? 03

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Still in the California modern region, we have some clear signs that the moving in process has begun.

Fantasy themed region again. Very nice as well.

Tree actually protruding a bit over the edge of the world (i.e., the edge of the Nascera continent). Baker is able to just ride right through it, though, and continue onward.

Huge trees lining the southern river again.

While biking between the two parts of the fantasy themed region through this river, Baker runs across some unexpected ruins previously unseen. Hey, it’s apparently the same water goddess statue from his Nautilus City explorations of last year! he thinks excitedly. This is the location he immediately remembers this statue appearing in before (Ysthyalm sim). And, in checking, a glossy, golden version of what otherwise looks like the same statue holds the same kind of orb (as this new find) in Nautilus City’s east end temple.

And then we have strange temple ruins just behind the newly found goddess statue. Just four pillars remain, and a bunch of large rocks, all partially buried in the sandy bottom of the river. Hucka D. will later claim these are comparable to marbles.

View of the goddess from the shoreline in Bluebells. Teleport here to see for yourself!

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