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Nascera Continent, Final? 02 December 21, 2009

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Interior of a California modern house (Sansomal sim), with the nice window views mentioned before. Below, Baker looks out into a buffer sim…

… and now in the other direction, toward an interior courtyard setting.

Baker then moves back to the first window pictured above and increases his draw distance so that he can see the huge trees marking the edge of the Fantasy themed region to the southeast. A bit later, the Cornfields, Nathaniel and Nataly, would perhaps visit this same house, where, just outside, they would impossibly see the Big E in the sky. A true UFO, it seems.

Must have been from about right here that they say it, actually, or a little into the grass.

Different, compact courtyard shared between 4 connected dwellings. The overall shape of the 4 is a square… there are 4 such square apartment complexes around the centerpoint of Nascara as a whole here. Although the apts. themselves are too close for my tastes, this shared, larger central area is quite interesting… a plus to help make up for minus, again to me, of a shared inner courtyard.

Overhead view of Nascera’s epicenter, showing these 4 large squares of apt. complexes.

Another window vista in the same region, this time from the Gardenvale sim. You can see the blue of the southern Nascera river beyond the trees.

Another California modern vista, this time looking across a buffer/void sim toward the Japanese themed region, again using a rather long draw distance so that you can see at least the tops of the houses within the latter.

Interior of a Japanese themed house. This space doesn’t appeal to me as much as those found in the California modern area or even the Fantasy themed region. But I’m sure it could be just the right fit for someone else of a different bend.

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Nascera Continent, Final?

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Another common totem in the A-frame region, this time topped by a salmon.

A wishing well knoll.

Also in the fantasy themed region, a rock with a pool filled with lily pads, and peppered with the everpresent mushrooms of that area. This is actually one object of 96 prims called, generically enough, a Faerie Pond. Another Garden Mole creation.

And here’s a separated out Fairie Cup, which we’ve seen before from a different angle.

Baker in the void or buffer sim of Ticbaugh once more, this time cycling north past the unboardable bus and ice cream truck there.

Japanese themed region once more.

A couple of shot to demonstrate the amount of space between some of the California modern dwellings. Some critics say this area is too crowded… doesn’t seem overly so to me in comparison to, say, Teasdale or any other small, tight SL community. My only broad criticism of Nascera is that it doesn’t have a central focus, even given the presence of the Elderglen Infohub (which actually lies very near the southern edge of the continent). Compare this with the nice Teasdale downtown, for instance.

Hucka D. is going to talk more about this lack of “center” as well soon, I believe, especially relating it to the California modern area, what he calls California Dreaming.

Nothing wrong with these between spaces at all to me. Each is a bit different from the next, as you can get glimpses of in the photos here. Some contain little hills, even.

Back into the water… Baker will shortly run across some very interesting ruins in this southern continent river. Keep going in this series!

Nice place in Miscacs to sit and take in the scenery. For what it is, what’s not to like about Nascera, really?

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