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Nascera Beginnings, 04 December 18, 2009

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Actually, Baker Bloch here decides he can’t wait and teleports on over to this 4th region, with a fantasy theme this time. He find these huge trees in yet another natural buffer space between the residental area and the southern river of the continent. He was impressed!

Buffer sim between the fantasy themed area and the A-frame region. This particular type of buffer (fantasy-A frame) provided perhaps the most complex landscape for exploring, and providing what appears to be the highest current mountain on the continent, which I’ll get to in a moment.

Map of continent. 64 sims total so far, arranged in an 8×8 pattern like a checkerboard. More on that soon as well!


*full image from the superhandy new SL sims thread from SLUniverse maintained by Tyche Shepherd.

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Nascera Beginnings, 03

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Thought I’d include several snapshots of Baker Bloch’s subsequent penetration into the Japenese themed region, with its very different set of trees and plants from other regions. I found the transition from the more open space of the central region to the more dense and colorful landscape of the Japanese region to be quite dramatic.

Inside, now, the Japanese themed residential region itself and out of the buffer sims. I’ve seen a number of resident’s comments in the SL related forums about this being their favorite region of the 4, although a larger percentage of people seem to have chosen to live in the California modern area so far. Mind you, this is just a Beta version of the Linden Home project; when the area is open to residents at large a considerably different skew among the regions could manifest.

Back into the buffer sims after a brief jaunt through the residential section. On this map again, you can see the enormous amount of land, relatively speaking again, acting as this buffer region between the California modern residential area and the Japanese themed houses.

Watch out Baker Bloch! (Never mind, he passed right through it)

At the walls again.

One more themed region to introduce still!

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Nascera Beginnings, 02

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Baker then turns his bike around to head into the California modern region, made up of several varieties of handsome 2 floor houses with large windows for vista viewing.

Another natural buffer zone between the California modern region and the waterway to the north. Just to note, there are currently two waterways on Nascera, both appearing to be rivers. This wider river is found to the north, and a somewhat narrower but currently more visible counterpart is found in the extreme south of the continent currently.

Working his way around the northern part of the continent, Baker then has to enter the maze of California modern houses to continue past them toward the next region. Although there have been some complaints on the SL forums about lack of space between the houses, I didn’t find it very congested myself, a complaint I’ll revisit in a later post on this subject.

One of the many interesting little park areas between the houses in this region. As I understand it, the sims containing the Linden homes on the continent are all 1/2 owned by Linden Labs themselves, with the rest occupied by the homes. This allows LL to offer double prim parcels for eligible residents with premium accounts. Basically speaking, the prims used to create the various houses do not figure into the occupying resident’s prim count. There are a number of restrictions, though, as outlined by the Second Life announcement. One thing is that you cannot move or modify the house structure, insuring that the look of the community will remain basically the same as time goes by.

On the border between, now, the California modern region and the next region to be explored, the Japanese themed region on the west side of present Nascera.

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Nascera Beginnings, 01

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Little behind in generating text for the Nascera related posts due to holidays and such, but will try to hit as many as possible this week.

Referring to this map now, we start in either Threesun or Blendan nearer the northeast corner of the current Nascera map.

To back up a bit Nascera is the newest Linden made continent of Second Life, offering free Linden designed homes in themed regions for premium members with at least 512 square meters available through their current tier plan. More details here at the official Second Life blog.

Blochs starts on one of the many sims without any houses atall on the continent, which number 18 according to my latest counting. These represent open spaces separating the themed regions talked about in the Linden blog, and also represent the focus of Baker’s mainly biking explorations in the region. He’s very, very excited to find so many open spaces on the new continent, a great improvement over past continent planning, it seems, where you have very few open sims outside of water areas. I hope providing such a large percentage of these spaces per residential/commercial property represents a new trend in such offerings. That would be most excellent!!

Back to the tour: Baker is situated, as I said, in either Threesun or Blendard sims, one of the 6 or so sims providing buffer space between the A-frame region to the east and the California modern region to the immediate west. One of the continuing themes of Baker’s exploring will be the way the unique vegetation of each themed region is often dramatically blended in these buffer regions.

Another really nice touch are the many walls acting as additional separators between the themed regions, most found near the center of the buffer sims, as we’ll keep referring them.

I’ll most likely get into a more detailed study of the various vegetation present in each region. Pine trees dominate the A-frame region, which Baker probably examined the least of any of the 4 themed regions.

Yes, I’m pretty sure Baker is in Sicstric now, interestingly a sim separating the A-framed region from the current border of Nascera and not any other themed region — yet (Linden Labs, as I understand, plan to expand the continent early next year, with more themed regions to be added). The many rocks in the area all appear on the more detailed map of the continent through the Second Life viewing browser, although they don’t show up on the map linked to above (resolution a bit too low).

A squirrel in the region.

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