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Review: Big E Gallery December 15, 2009

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Not much time tonight for a new post, once again. Want to quickly review progress on Big E Gallery.

Now have the equivalent to the Edwardston Station Gallery, The Gallery at the Temple of TILE, Where are we on that? exhibit, and the old Big E Gallery inside the new and greatly enlarged Big E Gallery in Aotearoa. I’ve also included a small exhibit on Pieland (using photos and props from my Big Island house in Comet Archipelago), and have also devoted 2 large rooms next to the ESG to pre-10×10 baker b. collages, 10 in number. The rooms are open to the 40 meter waterfall inside the temple — quite nice!

I have about 80 more prims to work with, and have deleted all ground structures except the Chilbo created cottage that’s always been on the property since I started renting it, although it’s moved a tiny bit east since Oct. I’ll have to carefully monitor lag within the Big E Gallery since there’s *so* many objects in the area, and a number of scripts now (teleporters, notecard givers, hovertext, url givers, vistor’s counters (2)). I’ll attempt to reduce the size of picture textures when possible, following the lead of the Ruins in the Woods exhibit and also the new Ozland pictures.

A quick Ta Do list, then:

The Big E exhibit within the Big E Gallery, that is, the Jeogeot oriented exhibit within the 50 meter high E itself, has been unlinked and is open to the public, whenever they show up (I’m believe the gallery has had only a couple of visitors, at best, so far). Trouble is, the gallery/museum’s story ends at the beginning of my Sunklands saga at around mid-August. Do I fill up, now, the rest of this “E” with the story of Sunklands? Or do I put that story somewhere else in the gallery, perhaps higher up. I’m leaning more toward the latter.

Also I want to review all blog pics since August to see what else I want to upload into SL and mount onto a prim within the gallery. Thinking of the Corisica Prime-Pennsylvania map for certain, and also, er, more on Big Island/Pieland/Comet Archipelago? Picture of Orion’s Vale.

New Yd Island mythology is still developing, and could become a very important link between SL and toy avatars. Theory goes that the Mmmmmm’s have direct links with Yd Island through their traditional homeland in Herman Park. I’ll have time to develop this over the X-mas break, as well as re-reading the blog for further ideas about the future of Sunklands, and how to display its history within the Big E Gallery. Very excited, still about the gallery for certain (!) A bit more wiggle room in terms of prim numbers for another exhibit or 2.

“Let’s just end with Hucka D. Hucka?”

Hucka D.:

Greenup Yd is around the corner waiting to speak.


Bring him on in if you wish.

Hucka D.:

X-mas is around the corner as well. X and Y.


You got all your X-mas presents bought, Hucka D.?

Hucka D.:

I have one present for me that I haven’t bought. It’s a new virtual reality, hot off the press. Called…


Lemme guess… Farmborough.

Hucka D.:

Close! It’s called “Paradise Falls”. No, it’s called “Greentop Yellow Belly”. Wait…


You work on that, Hucka D. How about Greenup Yd tonight, then?

Hucka D.:

S U N K L A N D S (Hucka D. spells this out, with distinct gaps between each letter)


You’re emphasizing that I must think more about Sunklands now?

Hucka D.:

Parsons Vale. SL-RL connection. Toys. Mmmmmm’s.

Greenup Yd:

I am wanna be uppyland venture package remark unit proxy it’s a day long event sponsored by uppyland venture package. We’ll be having roast beef for dinner… diner. Intil uppy ergle wanna be uppy fur that (!)


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  1. […] should also discuss, quickly, that Greentop itself has been mentioned a couple of times already in this large, spacious blog, most interestingly as the possible birthplace of NM artist […]

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