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Loose Thoughts… December 14, 2009

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Recently renamed Big E Gallery (formerly, as of yesterday, the Ubertemple of TILE or, the day before that, the New Ubertemple of TILE), is, I definitely feel, my pinnacle of building achievement so far in SL as an “outsider architect”. It is essentially a mashup of about all former galleries or gallery ideas. I’ve been working very hard this weekend on it. I’ll post more about this soon!

Relationship with Chilbo: *must* read Chilbo’s new draft proposal to join the Linden Lab Community Partnership Program. Big doings! I wonder if I’m still on the big board over in town hall??

But Big E Gallery kind of puts, well, a lot of things into perspective, or has that potential, including my future relationship, if any, with Chilbo, and also the Jeogeot continent as a whole. It looks like I’m committed to stay there for at least several months more, maybe even longer. A type of permanent relationship? Am I destined to stay put in Sunklands? Have I found a *true* virtual home?

Still rent on Yd Island — want to continue exploring the island and probing a mythology. Let’s bring in Hucka D. since I’m limited in time tonight.

Hucka D.:

Here’s Greenup Yd…

Greenup Yd:

I am the island and the sea around the island and the hole the sea disappears into each night. I am sun and moon together now. Greenup and yellow down.


Hi Greenup Yd. Hi Hucka D. Do you know about my Big E Gallery… it’s brand new, but I thought the echoes…

Greenup Yd (interrupting):

Sun and moon together. Jeog–e–Geo–

bb (interpreting):

Jeogeot. The Jeogeot continent. Are you familiar with that?

Greenup Yd:

No, not sue much. Noo [=new?].


Do you know, though, of the Mmmmmm’s?

Greenup Yd:

They use to live on me. Still do in variant paths, of course. Harboring. Yaks.


Do you know of First Tree and/or Big Log?

Greenup Yd:

The Mmmmmm’s, yes. First tree is where you live now.


Interesting. I was thinking about that today… trying to figure out what might be the equivalent to First Tree. Then I realized: I now live in a tree [in Villeneuve].

Greenup Yd.:

Oh so furry upper down quantum leap baby ole man leopard…

Hucka D.:

We better say goodnight. Thank you.


Thank you.


New Ubertemple > Big E Gallery (“Biggie Gallery)

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Views from Route 10, etc.

I had to delete the Victorian house and also the Slum econo apt. No big surprise there… wish I could keep them long term at *some* location!

Already some really nice vantage points inside the Big E, like this waterfall + giant tree on floor, um, 13 I think.

The Big E itself from the back. Actually this is the front of the “E” I suppose, since the other way it would be a Big Schwa. But it’s just too much trouble to call the gallery that… it’s Big E. All of those ramps blocking the view have since been removed. See here for a comparison.

Inside the E Gallery… Baker continues to wonder about his ultimate relationship with Chilbo. And Jeogeot as a whole. And Sunklands, then.

The 40 meter falls within Big E. Baker Bloch sits in the upper of 2 rooms devoted to his pre-10×10 collages, all created, I believe, in the 1980s and 1990s.

The evolving, or I suppose devolving ground situation. Cottage is only structure left now. I like the new, giant tire in the middle of the waterfall, though, a type of bridge so that Baker can more easily walk from one side to the other.

Baker at the waterfall again inside the Big E, surrounded by his old, old collages.