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Ubertemple, Yd Islands, And So On… December 9, 2009

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Continued updates to New Ubertemple today, which I could just name the Ubertemple (calling the original Ubertemple of Neith on Azure Islands, instead, the Old Ubertemple or Ur Ubertemple — Urbertemple?). Gotta feeling that I’ll be in Sunklands at least 2 more months now after this little glitch.

One of the most remarkable features of the (New) Ubertemple is the views toward not one but *3* separate sinks. To the immediate north you have the Aotearoa sink, still quite empty except for a couple of stray objects left behind by the previous owner (tennis shoe and such). To the south, a bit further away, you have the Otaki Gorge sink, and what I’m calling Pete’s Mound is clearly visible from the upper stories of the Ubertemple. Then to the northeast you have the east edge of Big Sink itself. Quite a lot to see in circling around the perimeter of the temple, then! I’ll provide some snapshots of each view asap.

The Gallery at the Temple of TILE has already been partially reinstalled, specifically the Ruins in the Woods exhibit with new photos by Edna Blinker. Edwardston Station Gallery is really developing as well, including the ability now to look up, in places through the entire structure or at least parts of the structure. More on that soon as well. It’s really kind of looking through the 10×10 *vertically*… At any rate, I now see that I had to move the ESG back to Aotearoa and in its original form (30x30x30 cube).

Haven’t decided, at all, what to put in the top cube of the 3 interior ones. Bottom will be the Gallery at the Temple of TILE, I presume, and middle is the ESG. Maybe offices? I still have over 200 prims to work with, and can delete additional objects on the ground if needed. I think the Ubertemple should now be the focus above all else.

What of Yd Island, then? Well, I’ve renewed the rent on the 1024 parcel, or extended it I should say. I had to get rid of the residential unit in Teadale, but kept the tiny gallery annex there (Something To CHRO About) for now — very cheap rent on that one. I’ll probably just stay on Yd Island until after X-mas, but maybe delete the gallery there and probably just set up the Victorian house. I want to keep exploring the nifty forest right next door, and, of course, keep visiting Rabbit Head and also The Measure and The Hole. Finish my journey around the perimeter — take additional notes.

What of COLORS? It’s the new Carrcass-1, or projected that way. I think it has to do with TILE directly now… probably good, as Hucka D. says, that I resurrected the Temple in Aotearoa, and in an “uber” way again. Let’s bring in Hucka D. if he wishes. “Hucka D.?”

Hucka D.:

Greenup Yd has a few words to say tonight.


Ok, bring him on in.

Greenup Yd:

The Hole is lonely.


Does it need, um, love?

Greenup Yd:

The Hole is The End.



Greenup Yd:

Yes. I believe that’s it.


The love we give, and such…

Hucka D.:

Love is in The Hole.


Thank you both. Think I’ll do some research before hitting the sack again… might write a bit more in this post about further insights…


Ubertemple: Continued Updates (And Will Be Continuing…)

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View of underneath of (New) Ubertemple in Aotearoa from top floor of Slum Econo Apt structure sitting near west line of my rental property there. Kind of a dark picture actually; you can barely make out the top of the Victorian house straight ahead.*

Switching to Villeneuve and a new, cool location Baker Bloch just found last night in biking around. Rabbit Head is just behind the 8 sided tower Baker is staring at. The “Billfork” arrangement of stones is just below. He will be coming back here — very scenic.

Shot in Ratzenberger again, I believe, looking up toward the top of the Yd Island ridge and two evenly spaced protuberances according to camera frame, with a lonely spot of grass in the center just in front of Baker here. That’s a big mall hovering above, the one that takes up the whole of Crespo to the immediate east of Ratzenberger, and in the basic center of the island as a whole.

Shifting back to Aotearoa, then, and more Ubertemple views. Below has Baker Bloch staring down at a new, small cemetery on the property, essentially encircled by the Natilus cypress trees mentioned before.

Cool views abound already within the temple itself, but some, like this, are hard to capture in a snapshot, in part because of the glaring colors (red-violet, for one, always shows up fuzzy in my snapshots). But in the center, where Blochs is staring at again, you’ll see a blue table with a light on it. That’s near the entrance to bottom floor of the Edwardston Station Gallery in the temple, but no easy way to get to it from where he’s standing. Thought it photo worthy.

Just re-created Ruins in the Woods exhibit featuring Edna’s newer photos, and described already in this November post. Next up, I suppose, could be the reinsertion of the OzLand photos also mentioned in that post series.

View down from center of this lowest floor in the Ubertemple to the Victorian house. I like the way the views often represent interesting, new angles now into the surrounding landscape… not straight on looks.


* Actually very similar to the first picture in this October 9th post, taken right after I originally moved to the property.