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Here Comes The Sun… December 8, 2009

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“The Sun has returnred. Good work Baker Bloch… baker b.”


Sorry I went ahead and did all this without you. I know how you like to fiddle around with these giant beehive structures.

Hucka D.:

Those days are past.


Maybe we should play around with your image some, Hucka D.

Hucka D.:

I’m happy the way I am. I don’t need to be out much any more. I would like to go back and visit Otherland and Hurla Dontbee sometime. Beehive Mtn… so on.


We’ll do that for ya! Obviously, I believe, the ESG is a little out of balance just by itself — the enclosed, as we’re calling it, 30x30x30 version. It is The Moon without The Sun.

Hucka D.:

Correct. Moon and Sun must operate in harmony to control the vileful energies of The Hole. You could not stay in Villeneuve with just the ESG and not the Temple of TILE. The temple is the same as Solomon’s. VEIL. VILE. TILE.


Yeah, I definitely want to talk about that more sometime.

Hucka D.:

TILE; COLORS is next. Prepare.


I am!

Hucka D.:

Stay on Yd Island for exactly 1 month. That is the window.


That it?

Hucka D.:

Yes. Thank *you*.


New Ubertemple Preview, 02

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Baker Bloch uses the teleporter (pictured in the center of that last photograph in the below post) up to the interior of the New Ubertemple, specifically the proposed entrance to the new Edwardston Station Gallery.

A big difference now: The *center* of the 30x30x30 version of the Edwardston Station gallery is part of the center shaft of the entire 60x60x90 structure, and is 70 meters high in itself. This is the same, central “Tyle Cube shaft” that appeared in the original Ubertemple of Neith. See here for a comparison.

Christmas tree w/ train at the bottom of the shaft, also like in Neith.

Otherwise, the ESG has changed in more subtle ways from its enclosed 30x30x30 version.

“Mysterious” protrusions and openings have appeared on most of the formerly uninterrupted brick walls.

I’ll obviously have more to say about the New Ubertemple soon enough, but for now I suppose I better talk to Hucka D. a bit tonight. (note to regular readers: I’ll catch up with text generation for the blog posts in the next several days).


New Ubertemple Preview, 01

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In one of those complete aboutfaces that readers of this blog have come quite familiar with, Baker Bloch decides, no, he’s not going to let the Aotearoa property go (there’s a longer story on that), and, in short, there’s now a New Ubertemple on the property as of just today. Now, long run, it’s probably going to be too big to manage, but short term, it may be perfect, kind of a holiday structure.

Below, Baker Bloch looks up toward the bottom of the New Ubertemple, which sits approx. 30 meters above the upper ground level of the Aotearoa property. Description: it is a 60x60x*90* rectangular prism shape, composed of 12 old b_hivia modules and the equivalent of 3 Temple of TILE modules. It’s sort of a direct continuation of the structure I’d already had as a skybox on this property before its deletion today, and described in this earlier post a bit. The difference: it’s not a cube any longer, as I said, but has gained an additional 30 meters in height. The formerly empty interior has now been filled with 3 30x30x30 cubes, with the center cube now — this is the key of the new construction — being the same as the 30x30x30 Edwardston Station Gallery, such as presently set up as well in Villeneuve.

First some more new landscaping details. On the northeast corner of the lot, mainly, I decided to plant some Linden sculptie cypresses that I hadn’t used previously. These may be deleted soon, because I only found out after planting even more than shown below that the smaller ones take up 3 prims apiece, and the bigger cypresses of this kind take up a whole 7 prims. But they are kind of pretty — different anyways.

What a monstrosity. This was probably the inevitable consequence of keeping the Aotearoa property, seemingly a fated move, at least for the month of December and possible beyond. The New Ubertemple was destined to be created here, in one of those “for better or worse” kind of deals.

The sidewalk from my very early days in Aotearoa has returned, along with the linked Victorian house and Econo slum apartment. Nothing inside either structure, yet. I should also mention, if you haven’t guessed, that the original Aotearoa Edwardston Station Gallery has been deleted. Perhaps it will return soon enough when I get tired of the New Ubertemple. We’ll see on that.