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Yd Island, 01 December 4, 2009

Filed under: Yd Island — baker Blinker @ 3:03 am

An added bonus to the Yd Island property I now rent is the close proximity to the ocean. This beach front is in Von Trips, not 200 meters from the gallery grounds. And there’s an even closer access point directly north of the gallery in this same sim.

Von Trips (yet another local sim named for a sports car driver who died in a crash while racing) is caddycorner to the first reachable, Linden protected water sim, called The Measure. Hucka D. has already mentioned it as having some sort of connection with the Vileness fish — more on that later, I suppose. To Baker at the time, the glyphs on the sea bottom of The Measure were eerily Okinu-like in quality, something he can’t remember experiencing over a sim-wide area outside of Okinu itself. Maybe just a faulty memory again, though.

Then after some sea exploring closer to Nautilus City, Baker decides to go back to Villeneuve and poke around the forest immediately to the south of the gallery some more. Unfortunately, he finds this large bong just on the other side of the tree line separating his own land from the neighbor’s, and decides to “touch” it to see what happens.

Next thing he knows he’s floating about 3 feet above the ground.

The gallery looks sooooooo far up in the sky now. Difficult to believe it’s real, the huge, pure cube shape being so dissimilar from anything his user has experienced in normal reality, he realizes. He likes it! And strange to think he has a user at all. Who’s the user of his user? he ponders.

The forest seemed to go on and on, even though it is only about a half sim in depth. A square pool with incense burning on a wooden platform to one side is found somewhere near its midst.

Baker staring at the prominent protrusion in Ratzenberger to the south, with Rabbit Head immediately in front of him, sandwiched between foreground green and background beige. Where has Baker Block seen all this before??


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