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Nautilus SE, 01 December 3, 2009

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Having successfully installed the 30x30x30 1024 fitted version of the Edwardston Station Gallery in Villeneuve, Baker Bloch takes out his trusty old AA bike and starts to ride around the inclusive island. Specifically, he wanted to head through the forest immediately to the south, and rather quickly runs across some seeming peculiarities centered around a tiny isle in the northeast part of the Ratzenberger sim, a sim that’s already come up once in this blog. Namely, it represents some kind of direct link between Big Sink and Yd Island, as I’m calling it now.

Oh… should explain the new name. Well, Hucka D. suggested calling the new island Greenup yellow down, which I told him seemed a bit long. Slightly earlier in the blog, I (bb) talked to an entity known as Greenup Yd., which seems to represent a protective spirit of Big Sink as a whole, and, at the same time, some resolving amalgamation of former rivals Marty and Plant in this sink in the past/present/future. Well, I took all this into account, and decided that Yd might be a good compromise name, which stands for the “yellow down” part of Hucka D.’s name. I’ll get more into that name in a bit — still not sure, for example, of exactly how you would pronounce it: like “wide”? or perhaps “yide”? Anyway, I also like the relation with Oz — like “oz”, “yd” is an abbreviation for a certain measurement in the United States customary system, or ounce and yard respectively. Moreover, as I’ve just found out, the two are linked together through fabric weight.

And I also find it interesting that there’s a sim not far to the northeast of Villeneuve called “The Measure”. May mean nothing, though.

Yd may turn out to be short for Guyd (making Greenup “gu”, in turn). Like “guide”, then? But anyway I still like Yd for now. Think it will be pronounced like “wide” (phonetically, then: “wide island”). But in truth the island is just as high, top to bottom, as it is wide… seem about the same distance to me.

As Hucka D. and I have also briefly chatted about, Yd Island is also about the same size as Nautilus City Island immediately to its south. I anticipate some voyages to that formerly traveled region as well; I’m looking quite forward to it, as well as exploring the surrounding sea again.

Speaking of which… well, I better get to the photograph descriptions and save discussion of the *Vileness* Fish for later (just dropping that name to wet the reader’s appetite a bit).

So we have Baker Bloch parked near the said isle or islet in the north of Ratzenberger.

Here comes some of the peculiar things: for one, the water Baker is staring at below is stationary, yet is on a rather steep slope so should be flowing rather rapidly toward the isle situated just below the edge of this snapshot. And it’s stationary in a rather abnormal way as well, in that the water appears to have almost crystallized, ice-like, in a *circular pattern* in the center, sort of making that part look like the top of a faceted diamond.

The circle really struck Baker when he first came across it. He immediately thought: portal. Of course he’s prone to seeing the weird in the ordinary, as readers of this blog well know. But one must admit it’s a rather peculiar sight, especially in contrast to the other short, similarly sloped stream flowing in a normal manner toward the isle. I think it well worthy of some blog discussion time; it’s all fun and games after all.

I should also mention that the water in this arm of the system is quite noticeably bluer than the water in the other arm, and in the pool surrounding the isle itself.

Looking over the top of this crystallized-like circle toward the isle.

Now Karoz is, right this minute, investigating the area and checking behind Baker Bloch’s finds, as I have him do quite often any more. In hovering above the island and the water arms, he makes the observation that the whole looks suspiciously, to him, like a *rabbit* head with two ears sticking up and folded over at the tips. You can sort of see this association, I believe, in the below photograph, but Karoz has a better angle on this currently.

In looking over Karoz’s shoulder now I must admit it looks a bit like the head of a rabbit, perhaps like this one already depicted in this post from last month. Especially noticable is the similar, watery texture of each. Hmmm… Tell you what, I’ll just insert a better set of comparison pictures at the end of this post.*

Well, that’s turning out to be another potentially large-ish body of information to put forth, since, as fans of Donnie Darko may remember, tubes of water emitting from people’s heart region (hey, the central pool above is also heart shaped!) figure large in the overall story… they could be called, for one thing, *portals*. Phew!

Then Baker Bloch rides further into the Ratzenberger sim, attracted by a pointy protuberance at the crest of the hill ahead. The formerly green landscape has yielded to total and complete beigeness as the elevation increases. The whole sim is about 90% beige and only about 10% green, as I’m eyeballing the map now.

Looking back from whence he came.


* here is the better comparison set mentioned:


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