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Decisions… December 2, 2009

Filed under: Jeogeot Continent,Marty,Petemond,Plant — baker Blinker @ 11:00 am

Circumstances drew me to the Angelfalls sim. Realized what it meant — Rubi will not be available. New adventures still await. Russell.

Checked out 2048 parcel near Chilbo (southwest corner of Kiuek sim) to rent with this view. Strange lights flew by me twice here. Also looked at old property in Noru. Decided against going back to premium account and buying 2 parcels totalling 8192 in Noru, including my old one and another 3072.

You know, the connection between this Highway 44 shop right next to my Aotearoa property and Teasdale/X-ville never hit me until tonight. Shops are also located in those 2 communities.

I think I’ve decided to stay for a least through X-mas. Would be hard to downsize and then upsize again with all the advantages, still, of this particular parcel. Sunklands, eh?


Ok. We’re good.


Are you Plant and Marty merged?


I am Sunklands, da. Uniko pre ubi wan tibu or tubi s… rubi… sssss.


You’re obviously Petemond as well.


Or rinko starr robi tu essen ralli o talli or eno be kan rinkle lee bee lee bee.


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