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What Next? December 1, 2009

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Loose notes:

Want to work further on the 60x60x60 cube above Edwardston Station Gallery in Aotearoa, the so-called — so far — Edwardston Station Skygallery, because it *contained* the second copy of the entire 10×10 on the property (again: my definition of an “Edwardston Station Gallery” is a container for this 10×10 work of 100 collages, completed last spring). Well, the collages have been deleted, and further changes to the structure have been made, namely, the moving of the entire Temple of TILE into the square but formerly empty *center* of the 60x60x60 cube. I’m digging the interference the two different angled structures are creating, but, long term, I’m not sure what to put into such a structure. Is it worth the effort? Is it but a symbol of something else, similarly complicated, that I should be working on? Like synchronicity studies? Probably the latter, according to my present judgment.

Another idea is to blend the two together… make this a kind of private gallery that others can go into and look around if they wish, but not having some kind of overall map that would stitch everything together. This is the elephant in the room. COLORS… TILE. 4 directions.

What is the center of Heartland, USA? Is it Arkansas, as Hucka D. likes to say. Or is it Missouri, favored or championed by his former, bitter rival Grassy Noll? Will Grassy again show up in this blog and hold conversations with me/us?

What means this “crop circle” in an unknown location? (credited to Dixey Pisnar) It seems to be an amalgamation of Disney and Pixar names. There’s only one more mention of these names combined on the web I can google today.