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“No.” November 24, 2009

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“It’s probably just one of those pauses or hiccups, Hucka D., but I seem to be getting a little tired of Sunklands now. I think I can rejuvenate my interest soon. It’s just that Gaeta seems so refreshing. Small but I can handle more confinement now. And I can downsize.”

(no answer.)

“I know, I know, what about the Blogocube? you’re asking. That’s a distinct possibility… shame to downsize when all the downtime at Xmas is coming up.”


*I’m* coming up too. Quite exciting (!)


Hi Plant. Yeah, I have a feeling you are (smiles).


You used Marty, you will use me. Is that it for Sunklands? you’re asking. Is that why I’m here? Just to get to this point?


That’s kind of it. Sunklands is nice, but there’s really nothing in it. Not sure the ties to Chilbo are strong enough to keep me, long term, on Jeogeot. But that’s where you have all your ties Mr. Plant.


Yes. Maybe another one of those hiccups, then, as you said.



Hucka D.:



Hello Hucka D. Plant and I are speculating this may be the end for Sunklands. Or very soon.

Hucka D.:

Let’s see…


Hucka D.:



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