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Biking, Cont. 01 November 20, 2009

Filed under: Jeogeot Continent,Nowtown/Zen City — baker Blinker @ 8:16 am

Baker Bloch entering what I call Nowtown from the south, on the newly paved Route 10 in this area. He’s staring down at the stream that supposedly marked the southern edge of the Plant Plantation formerly in this location, where Little Robert Plant Variant grew up.

Further north on Route 10 but probably technically still in Nowtown.

Road shooting west off Route 10 leading to the Brainwash Art Center and the high mtn. overlooking Nowtown from the south and west, already visited by Blochs the night before.

Then it’s on to Zen City in the Chapala sim, with a whole grid of roads connected to Route 10 from the west.

I really like Teasdale now (I’m writing the text to this post, as usual, a couple of days after posting the pictures), but I suppose I should also spend more time in the general Sternberg/Nowtown/Zen City/X-ville/Y-borough area. Perhaps rent there in the near future as well. But I’m not looking to top around 1000 a month for any rental. I pay about 900 for the one in Teasdale now, a pretty nice 2 story affair, plus another 300 or so for the Teasdale “Something To Chro About” gallery space — that’s all quite reasonable, I feel. Sternberg seems more expensive, and there appears to be no current rentals in Nowtown/Zen City. X-ville, officially called Pine Tree Square according to the rental store there, acts as a sort of smaller twin to Teasdale, and has similar rental prices. A logical choice might be to just rent in both X-ville of Pine Tree Square and Teasdale — I’ve noticed several businesses, including the Evergreen Pub, are located in both PTS group owned communities.

Blochs rides the highest road in Zen City and the Chapala sim, hugging its entire western line which it shares with Cranston.

Dead end at the northern Chapala line — Applewood sim dead ahead.

Blochs then makes his way back to Route 10, intending to journey the big loop around the, er, top of the western claw of Jeogeot and circling back to X-ville in the process.

Let me just quickly create a better map showing the locations involved in this particular loop…

Here’s he’s on the other side of the peninsula from Zen City, staring toward the eastern end of the mtn. range that extends several sims west to Nowtown.

Amazing underwater tunnel — literally as in *in* the water — in the Silvercreek sim.

At the tunnel’s center — just to remind that Baker here is actually riding underwater here — his body disappears, leaving only the still somehow psychically connected armbands, hat, blackbird, and bike itself.

At the other end of the tunnel, freshly emerged from the water, Baker is certainly relieved to see his body has returned. 😮

Don’t know the physics that would cause such a bodily disappearance while still leaving the attachments unaffected; never happened before as far as I can recall. We’ll nervously chalk it up as “one of those SL things.”


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