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Giving It All Back… November 20, 2009

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“Teasdale may be a place we can all meet again, baker b. You and Plant and me.”


That might be nice.

Hucka D.:

We will sit on the roof and stare out at the labyrinth sipping our, um, beverages. Looks like a nice downtown to explore. Better than Crabwoo… larger than X-Ville. Sternberg-like. Chilbo-like perhaps, even.


Doubtful on the latter. I don’t see staying on Gaeta permanently.

Hucka D.:

You never know. More parts of the continent will open up. Surprised you didn’t find Teasdale before. You will explore, you will grok. You will understand.


Another door. Dors.

Below is the High Priestess tarot card. The two pillars represent the pillars that lie on either side of the entrance to Solomon’s temple, as described in the Old Testament. The black pillar on the left is called Boaz; it represents the male energy: war, severity, the sun. The white pillar on the right is called Jachin; it represents the female energy: love, compassion, the moon.

On Sgt. Pepper, Sonny Liston plays the role of Boaz; there are “boas” near him to make the point: the stuffed boa at his feet, and the feather boa worn by Mae West. Boas. Boaz.

Diana Dors plays the role of Jachin. You can see that Sonny and Diana are polar opposites in every respect: Male/Female, Black/White, Fighter/Lover. He has short hair, she has long hair. He wears white with gold trim, she wears gold with white trim.

The presence of Boaz and Jachin means that when we look at Sgt. Pepper we are looking at the entrance to Solomon’s temple. To validate this we have the rebus made by Shirley Temple and Diana Dors: “Temple Dors.”…. *

Remember that each of The Beatles represents a letter based on the movements of their respective chess pieces:

John: Bishop: V
Ringo: Rook: E
George: Knight: L

This leaves Paul, who is an “O” on the back of Pepper because he is turned, a-round. But on the front of Pepper, Paul portrays the Eye, so Paul is an “I.” This means that John, Ringo, Paul, and George together spell VEIL. They portray the veil of Solomon’s temple.


image courtesy of Blue Feather Gallery, Sternberg


* There is actually a triangle of Shirley Temple images below and around Dors.


4 Responses to “Giving It All Back…”

  1. […] thread  .  What I certainly didn’t have in my head at the time when I took a look at bb’s weblog were the connections that the 8b’s post had with the Beatles ( 60’s pop quartet quite […]

  2. baker Says:

    Nish: thanks for these replies! In turn, I’ll think of a reply to your new post asap. I find that thread from Nothing Is Real forum really fascinating as well.

  3. […] from *this* direction, though, it is VEIL which can be VILE. Nish Mip understands this through the Sgt. Pepper album. She can also now see it through Courtney Love and the back of the Aoxomoxoa album, if she desires. […]

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