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Sternberg… Plant… November 15, 2009

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Strangest thing I found about this video is that it’s produced by “Robert69 Little”; a tad too close to Little Robert Plant Variant for psychic comfort. I plan to ask LRPV about this tonight (if he’s game), but first I want to do some more research on my own.

Found Robert69’s Second Life profile. And myspace.

Latest YouTube video.

I think this guy has a little better idea than most about the possibilities of performing, ahem, live music in SL. A hottie avatar strumming a guitar on a regular type stage w/ hottie avatars dancing around and in front? BOR-ING (IMO).

This could be interesting if only because of the Physical Graffiti type wings the hottie dancers are wearing behind Raven here.

Marty! (probably not, mind you)

Wait, I guess that would have to be George’s variant according to the Sgt. Pepper uniform color. Looks to me more like Paul, though? Whadda*ya* think?


“I’m sure he’s a nice guy.”


You might need him! I did.


So you know Little?


Yeah. Page especially. He’s working on an image for him. But it’s a variant Robert69 Little as well. That’s the vessel.






I’m not quite understanding this. I uncover a video by Robert69 Little created at the Blues Fabrik (English: Blues Factory) in Sternberg, where you claimed to have yourself performed…




And your name is Little Robert Plant Variant.


Right. Bleedthrough.


I’m going…


Remember that I perform the blues.



I don’t think that’s what I see musical performance in SL as being for me. I don’t see me sitting at a virtual piano or organ. I see a light show sans hottie avatar and playing an ordinary looking instrument. I see… The Residents.


I’m with you on this [now]. The Residents should perform in SL. But what’s the point?

Symbolism. Built in mythology. Gonna switch to a new post Plant. Hold on…


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