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4 Characters… November 6, 2009

“Hucka D., take a look at the last 4 characters of this transmission from a screen at the Mos Ainsley Space Base. This was taken in May by Karoz. Its “2E2E”. *Now…* take a gander at what Petemond said for this blog near the very end of part 18 in mid-August. Here’s the post, and I’ll just cut and paste the quote I’m talking about here, which is the last line he said.

Ickle dickle do de dum don’t da. Weiner eeple to two e two e.

This is the same thing (!) — 2E2E equals “two e two e”. Is the terminal somehow generating the text of what Peter said??? Very interesting coincidence even if not!

And can we speak of the probable relationship between this “coincidence” and the “Ruins in the Woods” exhibit now showing at the Temple of TILE in Aotearoa?”

Hucka D.:

Crabwood has a deeper intensity than Chilbo. Already a debate has occurred between 2 [foundations] about the role of Sunklands in future development. A friendly debate, of course, for this is Chilbo. You are a focus, and through you The Residents… all residents. Of Jeogeot I mean (smiles).

Chilbo has a chance to open up to a quite considerably larger scale. Beef up… up a notch… and so on. You have played a small role in their thinking, mostly unconsciously but there. The powers have decided… well, there’s obviously 2 ways to go. Up or down. “Up” leads to a greater responsibility for Chilbo in a Linden run grid. Chilboans and Lindens will move forward more hand in hand. “Down” leads to increasing isolation for Chilbo, a condensing toward its center and small town perfection. Chilbo will shrink to eventually just Chilbo, and then probably just wink out of existence or turn into something totally new. This is the wave breaking now, baker b. Sunklands plays a small role in this as I said.


What’s this got to do with the transmission on the screen at Mos Ainsley?

Hucka D.:

Go back there…


… Knew you were going to say that.

Hucka D.:

This is a message from Petemond. Petemond came into existence after the death of Peter the rabbit. He was refound. And… that’s not the last time Petemond said that phrase. Check please.


Ok. Yeah, I vaguely remember something else. Later on, when I was considering buying land in the Egg Hill sink of Corsica Prime.



Yes. Found it. This was immediately after the Corsica incident, as it was then called by you seemingly. But that was Peter, not Petemond, although the 2 seem to be 1 and the same.

Babble de boble hop tielly de winkle teu, e teu e.

Hucka D.:



There it’s “teu e teu e”. Phonetically identical, though. And, again, this is the last thing Peter or Petemond said that night. This was still considerably before my move to Aotearoa, so the New Zealand influence couldn’t have been so strong. Speaking of “e”s I have one snapshot to share with you tonight, maybe another in a minute.


Hucka D.:

Black and white; on and off. Karoz stares at the “e” from one direction, Baker Bloch the other. This is also the choice Chilbo faces now. Which way to look at the “E”. Do they look through Karoz’s home body eyes or do they share, in part, Baker Bloch’s more western-type Sunklands vision? The Korean Channel is a division point. Does Noru remain the limit of Greater Chilbo? Karoz is Noru. Karoz is Chilbo. And… what do you do with Karoz now? His fate hangs on the fate of others [as well].



What does this have to do with the “2E2E”?

Hucka D.:

That is a bird. Language of The Birds. Uniko, da.


Why was it on the monitor at Mos Ainsley?

Hucka D.:

Obviously someone is trying to get in touch with you.



I think this has to do with The Residents as well.

Hucka D.:

Plant is unavailable tonight. We better end.


Thank you.


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