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Gallery at the Temple of TILE: Returned, 03 November 5, 2009

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But here’s the really exciting, new addition to the temple now: an exhibit of more of Edna’s new photographs preliminarily called “Ruins in the Woods”. I won’t give out many details of the photographs yet except to say they are from two different locations in our area, both involving “ruins in the woods”. One of these locations has been “cleaned up” since the photographs, and the other, more important setting is certainly in danger of being cleaned up as well, but in a very negative way (non-protection of what one might consider a very valuable, historic site).


The two framed photographs of the exhibit, which, by the way, is on the lowest floor of the temple (originally grassy state restored again here), are not by Edna but downloaded from an unrelated internet site. I promise not to sell them for my usual 20-30 rl cents. 🙂 Both were taken at the more important of the two locations. This particular one is of a ruined piano.






The second and final non-Edna photograph in the collection, a picture of an painting by a Mexican artist depicting a mythological birth of the woman who use to own the piano shown above.


I’ll have more to say about this exhibit soon, hopefully, as well as some possible plans for the 60x60x60 cube just below involving music as well. As they say, stay tuned!



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  1. […] Just re-created Ruins in the Woods exhibit featuring Edna’s newer photos, and described already in this November post. […]

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