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Kahruvel Forest > Chilbo November 4, 2009

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Karoz attempts to get some shut eye in the tent and await the morning light for further exploration.


However, he couldn’t settle in, and quickly arose to look over the ruined tower base…


… and reexplore the airport itself more, with its nifty blue neon trim leading him through the various spaces.


Then it was back to lands further west, even beyond Rosedale this time to Georgean, the site of a Vehicle Sandbox according the land description. In fact, the sandbox and sim appear to be one and the same.


And over the mountain to the south is a “sandbox sandbox”, 4 adjacent sims worth, in fact. I remember Baker Blinker sitting on this high vantage point at times and viewing the various builds being executed. She also use to sit on a smaller, wooded ridge just north of the Cowell lighthouse and watch the flying vehicles coming and going from Abbotts Aerodrome. All this happened mainly before I started this blog about one month into my SL existence. By the time I started the blog, I had essentially left the forest behind to explore other areas of Sansara, and also beyond. But I’ll never forget finding Kahruvel — also a nighttime event. I was amazed, in flying west through sim after sim, that such a large, relatively natural area existed so close to the oldest, much more built up areas of Second Life just to the north. How could such a chunk of land remain protected all these years? Kudos, once more, to Mr. Jack and his immediate family for the idea of a Kahruvel trust.


But, as it turned out, Karoz quickly got homesick, and returned to Jeogeot even before dawn could arrive in Second Lyfe. What a home body; even worse than The Bakers! Below he sits on a bench in one of his favorite Chilbo parks, soaking in the warmer air, as Karoz later put it. Was it really warmer? Perhaps to him it was, and although SL has no defined equator that I know of, Jeogeot is considerably south of Sansara. Hmmm… have to think about that warmth issue more.



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