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Caught Up, Review… October 31, 2009


> Further exploration of Big Sink and development of that mythology, as it reacts to “separate” mythologies of Chilbo and others (Korean Channel, Nowtown/Zen City/Sternberg) on the Jeogeot continent.

> Soon to be creation of another “Carrcass-1” in “RL”. Blog must be used as generator of energy, as it was before in late 2008.

> further exploration of Jeogeot in general. I don’t think a return to Noru will be made now (could certainly be wrong); I want to stay in Sunklands for the present. As I’ve found out (return to Azure Islands, return to Kerchal Forest in a more minor way, return to Rubi through Horisme), it’s difficult to repeat the past. I could attempt it with Otherland again — not sure it would work. Azure I.s are right out of the picture now.

> more RL explorations in Nov. and Dec. Focus? Denville (town) maybe. Beach Mtn. maybe. Granddaddy Mtn. Maybe just Blue Mtn. (town) itself, where I live. Or Boulder (nearby smaller town). Advancement of toy avatar mythology continues in ways through marbles and Denville and Key Rock/Castle Rock.

> which brings me to the tree seed (GA). In thinking about it further, not sure there *was* a giant tree in the heart of Sunklands, on that sw parcel of Pudding Hill sim Hucka D. has indicated. Think an *attempt* to plant a seed was made there (by Plant himself?), but “failed”. The seed, I believe, was brought from Rubisea on the Maebaleia continent, perhaps by the Bakers (Baker Bloch and Baker Blinker). The trip to Rubisea may not have been merely a honeymoon, or perhaps they just acquired the seed or seeds “by accident” during their honeymoon there. Were they, then, planning to move to Sunklands anyway?

> I think at least one of the seed was of a giant persimmon tree. Golf and drivers/woods were connected in some way. Wheeler 02 collage may represent a depiction of this giant tree or giant projected tree (Redwood in Wilsonia, CA on the collage). If so, then Wheeler 08 may also be important since the same “driver” is in it. The seed was the same as the marriage of Baker Blinker and Baker Bloch — their union, and also a symbol of Rubisea itself, the smaller inland sea, that is. It was known that it was also a “red c”, or a red note, perhaps middle c. From this c or seed, all 12 (or 13) notes of the chromatic scale were formed. In the Lake District of Maebaleia, this would represent relationship between Rubisea (c) and Blue Feather Sea (all 12 or 13 notes). Blue Feather Sea is about 12-13 times wider than Rubisea. Blue Feather Sea, then, is just a future version of Rubisea, demonstated by turning the geographic relationship 180 degrees.

> study Rabbit Holes of each continent… more to be found there I have a feeling.

> Blue Feather Sea of Maebaleia then represents the entire tree that sprang from the seed (Rubisea). Baker Bloch (and Blinker) found this out in Rubisea during their honeymoon. Baker Bloch especially was fascinated with the mythology. Thought he and Blinks must be some kind of Adams and Eve, but they called themselves AAron and ABigail. (Hucka D. states they were also married on Valentine‘s Day)

> the seed (or 2 seeds or perhaps even more) of the persimmon like tree was taken to Sunklands on Jeogeot. An attempt to plant was made. 9 months later, perhaps, the Black Hole was formed instead — Vortextra. The second seed, a non-Persimmon tree as it turned out, was taken to the Chilbo sim, eventually. This represented a successful planting, but on a smaller scale. It was not actually the Rubisea seed (Rubiseed? Ruby Seed?).*

> The Bakers (and others) planted the seed that was to become the tree, knowing that it was a Manifestation of God. The hole that instead formed was seen as the death or suicide of God. Negativ in impact, without the “e”, though. TILE was born from this hole, the 4 colors that split off from God. One could only understand The One through The Four. The first temple [of TILE] was there at Vortextra.***

> through Vortextra, a wormhole was affected between SL/Sunklands and RL/Mythos. There it appeared in the center of The Federation. It was identified with a Rat Hole. The Rat Hole. One doesn’t enter such a thing lightly.

> Not sure how exactly the Triva Ratsuit contest figures into this yet, or what the exact relationship between Big Sink and Big Island is.

> The relationship between Rubisea and Blue Feather Sea is like Key Rock (key, or seed perhaps) and Castle Rock (12th on this list, as Key Rock is first — another 12 to 1 relationship. Key Rock at Denville also seen as “note” or “seed”, with entire ridge it’s on (Castle Ridge or Castle Rock), as the whole scale, once more. 12:1. Study key holes in 10×10 collages as well.

> I am where I am suppose to be.

* A third seed, perhaps, was not planted but used for divination purposes, to predict the shape of the virtual reality obviously on the horizon. Spoon, knife and fork aspects were also involved here. Cutlery. I also think the Persimmon regiment figures into the Sunklands mythology somewhere.

** Another doctor who studied forks (in roads?), perhaps Dr. Blood or related to him or a comrade, performed the divination of the seed, as well as the splitting of the seed itself. Operation on the seed. (Blood Seed?) Anecdote was confused with Antidote.

*** Hucka D. has since indicated that the front of the Temple of TILE in *Rubi* sim, where it found its peak manifestation in *this* reality, was a bleedthrough of that alternate but more real, to him, Temple above Vortextra. He states I must study the Rubi-Silver front of the temple in more detail. Joplin is missing, he’s indicated. He further says this is the missing *Joplin Tree* that should have grown from the seed where, instead, the black hole of Vortextra formed.


“Tell us about the arrival of The Bill, Hucka D.?”

Hucka D.:

They arrived in black spaceships dressed all in black. Their mission was simple yet difficult. Remove the dead. They are pictured in Greenup 03. They wore black hats and black suits. They were from Lyra/Vega.


They came for the 3rd Seed. 3rd Life?

Hucka D.:

The 3rd Life was removed, yes. Marble. Castle Rock – Key Rock. 2x3x4. It was cut by knife. Inside was knife as well, not spoon not fork. Maybe all 3. Difficult to divine now. All 3 possibilities were glinty silver in hue.


The seed bled?

Hucka D.:

Yes. To the surprise of The Bakers and everyone else who were unpriviledged enough to watch. Except probably The Bills. So named because of their hats? No. Yes?


The Bills were not cruel, though?

Hucka D.:

Not really. Cold, though. Sterile. Icy a bit. Stare.


When Vortextra formed instead of a tree, as expected — as what had happened in Rubisea, The Bills were called in. They were also from the area of Rubisea.

Hucka D.:

Correct. Ruuster. R110.


They were called in to see what went wrong with the planting. Plant.




We’re very late today with our usual middle of the night dialog.


Hucka D. thought it wise to go ahead with it, though.


*Was* there a tree in the center of Sunklands?


Was and wasn’t.


In *your* reality?


Ummmmmmm…. no.


Did you know The Bill?


Kind of. They made a mound which was a mountain.


Is this the same as Petemond or Pete’s Mound?


May be.


Is it this mound?

Hucka D.:

There’s Marty (smiles).


Even further thoughts:

> The death of “God” (Joplin Tree) could only come in the very center of the center of Sunklands, or the center of Big Sink. Big Sink ironically also called the smallest of sinks, or a Peewee Sink. This is the influence of the central hole, though, negativ in impact but not negative.

> Hucka D. states that a particular region of Blue Feather Sea represents its “seed area”, with direct resonance with Rubisea. He states this is in the sims of Shax and Asmodeus, but mainly the former. More soon on that.


Hucka D.:

This is the seed of the Plant.


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