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Darkside Fall, 01 October 26, 2009

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*Incredibly* beautiful day in the mtns. Took the opportunity to shoot some pictures in this normally rain or mixed bag kind of location. Came out pretty well w/ my cheapie camera because I took most of them toward sunset. These are all from Darkside, although I visited several locations.

Below are the rocks surrounding Darkside from a road below which, in effect, runs all the way around Beach Mtn. Specifically the Darkside “bowl” or concavity is slotted between and into the upper and lower rock faces of this photo.


Moving quickly, then, to a shot up through the large, central crack of the Temple of the Moon, the centerpiece rock of the complex.

Just to note: all of the rocks we’ll be talking about in this post and the next one have already been reviewed in this first series of Darkside related posts from last April.


A look toward the western rock face of the bowl, which literally, from this angle, looks like a face.


This would be Spring Rock, so named because it has a small spring running underneath it.


And then the only water pools of Darkside where the spring leaks out. Today there were 2 such small pools on the south/lower side of the rock because of the heavy recent rain; before I’ve seen only the lower of the 2 today, pictured below.


Temple of the Moon from below. This would be from the gap between Spring Rock and neighboring Hobbit Rock, I believe.


And Hobbit Rock itself with the large, central “hobbit” hole. Neat how you can see three beads of light shining through the hole from the other side here.


Great view down into the valleys below from the lower, central lip of the concavity.


An eastern rock of the bowl. Passing through the opening made between it and a fallen tree quickly leads to a tongue of land above the eastern wall. No real views there, though, because of the dense vegetation.



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