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Sunklands, Brouwer 02 October 25, 2009

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Let’s start with a picture of Karoz sitting in a tomb of Linden Memorial Park Island…


… moving quickly to Karoz in Chilbo. He’s not afraid, he’s not afraid. Why should he be afraid? Because this is the same thoroughfare at about the same location where he got blown up by a tank during his first visit to *current* Chilbo. He thinks it was just a freak accident though. No, not an accident. A *synchronicity*, designed by powers unknown to shock him into remembering this past Chilbo, and the differences between it and the present. For one thing, it was not called Chilbo but Chilbol or Chilbolton or Chilboltown. Hucka D. has indicated that the exclamation mark of the many “Chilbo!” banners around town are a “corrupted” version of the “l” that use to end the town’s name. Interesting theory anyway. More reminders: Hucka D. says that not only Karoz was from Chilbo*l*, but also he himself. He’s also indicated two houses or properties where he lived, one — further away from Chilbo proper — perhaps more valid that the second, closer and nicer one. The former property’s name is Cabron, perhaps, in turn, a corruption of “Cub Run”, as in Cub Run, Kentucky very near a Bee, Kentucky. Also has associations with the Cub sim of SL, where the Baker Famliy almost located their first art gallery in this virtual reality (“Just Call Me Ernie Banks”), and also where Hucka D.’s first “beehive” was built.

But back to the immediate point, Karoz does feel safer now. After all, Baker Bloch has now had conversations with many Chilbo notables, including founder Fleep Tuque. Through Baker, Karoz certainly feels more rooted in the modern community, with the present reality more stabilized and non-fluctuating.

I have more plans for Karoz and Chilbo (again, *without* the “l”!), which I’ll explain in another post coming up soon.


Baker Bloch watches the always changing scene in the center of the Aotearoa sink from the cottage on the edge of his property. Floating apple trees now — soon, however, they went the way of all else that has appeared in the sink since his move there 3 weeks ago now (and I renewed for another month!).


Then it’s back to the exploration of Big Sink, an ongoing project for Blochs. Here he examines a road sign not seen before, indicating that he’s on Route 1, and with the outline of the Jeogeot continent on it as well. Nicely done.*


Baker Bloch stands beside a cannon in Brouwer aimed toward Moa, whose western border begins a couple of meters to its front. Baker wonders: was there a struggle between the two sims for control of this part of Big Sink at one time? Anyway, something to log into the blog and move on from for now…

The cannon, as well as much of the Brouwer sim, by the way, is owned by the group Hammer of the Gods or its owner, specializing in jewelry making. They’ve left much of the sim as a kind of “natural park” — good for them. Cannon included.

Hey, wasn’t the real Mr. Plant featured in a Hammer of the Gods book. Yes, I remembered correctly! And also the name of a famous tribute band.


Another business located in Brouwer, a fence making enterprise.


Speaking of which, Blochs then finds a Tom Waits poster on a nearby fence. Strangely, just last night dreamt I met Tom Waits at some sort of golf charity event — or sumtin. Anyway, I distinctly remembered meeting him, and couldn’t wait to tell the wife (still in the dream), since she’s a *huge* fan of his.


A number of these “kitten toy balls” are located around the property. Hmmm… rainbow sphere.



Then I found kittens (!). These two were trying to get together for some fun, but for some reason couldn’t leap up to the pool tile separating them. In real life: no challenge for these two nimble felines, of course. Too bad; looks like they could make good friends. Perhaps they’re part of the same family, even?



* But isn’t this suppose to be Route 10?


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