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Chat… October 25, 2009

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“That was an interesting experiment, Hucka D.”

Hucka D.

Yes. You now know that you might only be able to speak to Plant, Marty, and maybe Lemon. Maybe Peter or Petemond, but in a very abstract way. Bill Hill might not be available. A lesson learned. He is still very interested in Montana. Saved from grave.


Can I ask *you* about Bill Hill a bit now? Speaking of maps more now?

Hucka D.:

A bit.


Why are Bill Hill and Lyme linked early on?

Hucka D.:

Lime is Linden. Lindens. Bill might be Phil. But not exclusively. That is an angle [to be explored].


SL and maps collide in Pennsylvania [runny mess], then. Corsica Prime. Phil.

Hucka D.:

Sealed up successfullly in West Virginia, though. S.F.


Thank you.


Bill Hill

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“As you have surmised, we have a very special guest tonight, baker b.: Bill Hill. We’ll try it anyhow.”


Nice. Should we chat some first?

Hucka D.:

If you wish.


I’m getting that Bill Hill wants to look at some of the Oblong collages.

Hucka D.:

That’s correct. Oblong 3. Montana secures the afterlife.


Interesting. I suppose he’d also be interested in, say, Greenup 10 and 11.

Hucka D.:

We’re going to do some prepping. You ready for this?


You want for me to go inworld and look through my eyes again?

Hucka D.:

Yes. I want to look at the collage as Bill Hill might look at the collages.


Are we not going to speak to Bill Hill tonight?

Bill Hill:



Hi Bill… Mr. Hill. (pause)

Bill Hill:



Mr. Hill, are you a mountain turned into a hill?

Bill Hill:

The Devil is… (pause)


Mr. Hill? (no answer) Mr. Hill? (pause) Hucka D., I think he’s gone.

Hucka D.:

Then let’s go into the gallery. Let’s try the lower one… easier to move around in.


[1:01] You decline NETP Information Giver from A group member named Fleep Tuque.
[1:02] Teleport completed from
[1:04] baker Bloch: So here we are, Hucka D.
[1:04] HD: I don’t want to look at that one. That’s “It’s All Here”. We want to look at the cleared out collages, you know.
[1:04] baker Bloch: Thank you Hucka D. Let’s move on, then.
[1:05] baker Bloch: This is the second and third collages of the Oblong series now, Hucka D.
[1:05] HD: It is, of course, the 3rd that begins to really interest me, baker b.
[1:06] baker Bloch: Is this Bill Hill yet?
[1:06] HD: Kind of.
[1:06] baker Bloch: I remember I… well it’s a long story.
[1:07] baker Bloch: I think Pencil Tail is where the series really got going.
[1:07] HD: We’re zooming into Birdtail Butte here, I remember.
[1:08] HD: Bird… tail. Pencil. Pencil characters. 2d from 3d. Grave… Pip. Gorilla/ape. Heading to Birdtail.
[1:08] HD: Top of Bird Tail. Seathwaite Fell below. SF. That’s what Bill Hill was looking for. That *is* Bill Hill.
[1:09] baker Bloch: I’m less sure about Santa Speaks, Hucka D.
[1:09] baker Bloch: It takes place on the other side of Scafell from Seathwaite Fell. The action I mean.
[1:10] HD: That’s where Peter died, baker b.
[1:10] baker Bloch: Yes… supposedly.
[1:10] HD: In that gill.
[1:10] HD: Santa seems to be saying something here, baker b. What?
[1:10] baker Bloch: Maybe the mysteries of his death?
[1:10] HD: Peter and Bill are intimately tied.
[1:11] baker Bloch: On Bill Hill now. I mean Seathwaite Fell.
[1:12] HD: The spoken, recorded words of Santa are now folded out neatly on the mountain, and then folded up neatly in the globe. Santa’s there again.
[1:12] HD: With his presents. Bag of toys.
[1:12] HD: He will be missed.
[1:13] baker Bloch: All this is part of one story. The ape-man is climbing the Earth related butte now, like King Kong on the Empire State Building… ESB.
[1:15] baker Bloch: bb: Just like the hikers. 3rd stage. Citrinitas.
[1:16] HD: They are looking for the mysteries of the Oblong series itself. Do you know them [baker b.]?
[1:16] baker Bloch: They are climbing Seathwaite Fell from a diff. direction in Oblong 09, Hucka D.
[1:16] HD: Like you are checking out both sides of Big Sink now.
[1:16] baker Bloch: Yes, I suppose.
[1:17] baker Bloch: Then in Oblong 10, on top. Ape is monkey. Dog is again dog. No humans, though. A 2001 type monolith in front. Represents pen and pencil together.
[1:17] HD: Pennsylvania. Corsica Prime.
[1:17] baker Bloch: Yes, Hucka D. Peter.
[1:18] baker Bloch: The Penn is mightier than the Pennsyl. (smiles)
[1:18] HD: Is it really?
[1:19] baker Bloch: Peter represents a greater energy, like ink over graphite. More efficient. Seathwaite Fell is where graphite originally came from. Purest source for, well, centuries actually. It all starts here.
[1:19] HD But Pen Rock was found on top of Seathwaite Fell, baker b. Correct?
[1:19] baker Bloch: Yes. This collage is all about that [juxtaposition].
[1:20] HD Green Gables in the background. Mary Anne?
[1:20] baker Bloch: I’m not sure, Hucka D.
[1:21] HD [In Oblong 11], passage through two gravestones, facing each other. Like Oblong 02. With a green oblong shape between them. Oblong.
[1:21] baker Bloch: Yes, Hucka D. There must be a relationship. I’m going back over briefly to Oblong 02 to check.
[1:22] baker Bloch: It’s that island in the middle of Grasmere Lake that Wordsworth was so interested in, Hucka D.
[1:22] HD: Grave.
[1:22] baker Bloch: The box in Oblong 11, the green one, is where all these letters of Oblong come from. It’s written on the box.
[1:22] baker Bloch: Back to Oblong 11, then.
[1:23] HD: What does that mean, baker b.? It seems significant.
[1:24] baker Bloch: It’s about the collage series itself, I suppose. Self reference.
[1:25] HD: Ahhh, 9 who became 1 instead of 8. Peter. Peter’s decision.
[1:25] baker Bloch: Yes, Hucka D. The second largest of the Seathwaite tarns became largest after the real largest, Sprinkling Tarn, was filled in by the council. This is..
[1:25] baker Bloch: *forgetting.*
[1:26] HD: Baker Bloch is typing now when there’s nothing to type. Maybe you better log out and back in. He seems broken.
[1:26] baker Bloch: Thank you Hucka D. Hold on…
[1:27] baker Bloch: There, he stopped. For a moment… of course he’s started now again now I’m typing again.
[1:27] baker Bloch: Seems ok now, Hucka D. Let’s continue.
[1:27] HD: bb: So this is the new, largest tarn of Seathwaite Fell zoomed in and stuff.
[1:28] baker Bloch: There’s the Grasmere Island again. The idea was to make Seathwaite Fell a microcosm of the entire Lake District, Hucka D.
[1:28] baker Bloch: This was S.F.’s choice. Forgetting…
[1:28] HD: About Peter.
[1:28] baker Bloch: Yes.
[1:28] HD: Yet you have signs of Peter all around the lake. You know?
[1:29] HD: There’s Bill Hill, baker b.
[1:29] baker Bloch: Yes. I know.
[1:29] HD: Your bird is the onlooking dingo now.
[1:29] baker Bloch: Ok.
[1:29] HD: What do you think this means?
[1:30] baker Bloch: It is another Pennsylvania runny mess sealed up by West Virginia. Sealed up by S.F. himself.
[1:30] baker Bloch: Peter must be forgotten.
[1:32] HD: Moire effect, baker b. Ill remembered. Confusion because of the cover up. It didn’t work properly, baker b.
[1:32] baker Bloch: You mean the attempt to make S.F. the whole Lake District. No, I suppose it didn’t.
[1:32] HD: It has the same flaws as a perpetual TILE waterfall.
[1:33] baker Bloch: Hucka D., I felt Oblong 15 here was the most successful of the series so far. Nice balance between all pictorial elements.
[1:33] HD: This is where the moire effect begins to become rectified, baker b.
[1:33] baker Bloch: Yes, I suppose.
[1:33] HD: Wet Rock. Found in… where?
[1:33] baker Bloch: Greenup Gill valley.
[1:34] HD: It then travels up the side of the mountain all the way to Tarn of Leaves. By way of Stanger Gill. Stanger. Stranger.
[1:34] baker Bloch: I remember that Tarn of Leaves is actually 3 tarns in one.
[1:36] HD: I am puzzled by [Oblong 17] admittedly, baker b.
[1:37] baker Bloch: bb: Yes, Oblong 17 represents a tricky impasse. Thank you.
[1:37] HD: Bill Hill thanks you for showing me your collages, baker b. We will continue.


Sunklands, Brouwer 03

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Baker Bloch at the main control room of the “Brouwer Regional Airport”, also owned by the Hammer of the Gods proprietor. Baker wonders if this is the main airport serving the greater Big Sink area? And, if so, how much traffic it gets?


Interesting juxtaposition of 3 structures the Baker Family once owned or lived in. The Fatima Ur created Victorian house to the left and Misti’s Big Blue house to the right were actually the first two houses the Bakers owned, both on Azure Island #1 in Gliese. The Victorian house also essentially replaced Big Blue House as the main residence on the property. The only other “house” the Bakers have really lived in is the newer purchased Victorian house, also a Fatima Ur creation but of more solid construction. This house still resides on the Aotearoa property.


Back to Big Sink proper: this cross shaped building represents the corp. headquarters of the Hammer of the Gods jewelry making business according to the land description.


The actual center or “crosshairs” of the Brouwer sim lies just to the southwest — Baker Bloch’s a little disappointed that the cross shaped building is not the center. But only a very little.


Toward the east edge of Brouwer now, but with these two small Japanese building still owned by the Hammer of the Gods person. Seem to be just general places of mediation or hanging.


At the corner of this parcel is found this sign subtly advertising a, well, no-ad farm campaign called “The Clockwork Network”. Baker is mildly disappointing to see that he cannot copy this sign to put on his land.


Looking back toward Brouwer from a little outside the next sim to the west in Big Sink: Pudding Hill. Yes, we are very near if not at the center of Big Sink now. More soon on that!



Baker Bloch stands in the small, natural area just over the edge of Brouwer to the south, in Campbell Plateau. This is right at the southern edge of the Brouwer airport, just beyond the n-s runway. And it also probably marks a distinct end of the greater Big Sink area as well.


Some emptiness beyond this natural region to the south, already chronicled in this blog a bit here.



Sunklands, Brouwer 02

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Let’s start with a picture of Karoz sitting in a tomb of Linden Memorial Park Island…


… moving quickly to Karoz in Chilbo. He’s not afraid, he’s not afraid. Why should he be afraid? Because this is the same thoroughfare at about the same location where he got blown up by a tank during his first visit to *current* Chilbo. He thinks it was just a freak accident though. No, not an accident. A *synchronicity*, designed by powers unknown to shock him into remembering this past Chilbo, and the differences between it and the present. For one thing, it was not called Chilbo but Chilbol or Chilbolton or Chilboltown. Hucka D. has indicated that the exclamation mark of the many “Chilbo!” banners around town are a “corrupted” version of the “l” that use to end the town’s name. Interesting theory anyway. More reminders: Hucka D. says that not only Karoz was from Chilbo*l*, but also he himself. He’s also indicated two houses or properties where he lived, one — further away from Chilbo proper — perhaps more valid that the second, closer and nicer one. The former property’s name is Cabron, perhaps, in turn, a corruption of “Cub Run”, as in Cub Run, Kentucky very near a Bee, Kentucky. Also has associations with the Cub sim of SL, where the Baker Famliy almost located their first art gallery in this virtual reality (“Just Call Me Ernie Banks”), and also where Hucka D.’s first “beehive” was built.

But back to the immediate point, Karoz does feel safer now. After all, Baker Bloch has now had conversations with many Chilbo notables, including founder Fleep Tuque. Through Baker, Karoz certainly feels more rooted in the modern community, with the present reality more stabilized and non-fluctuating.

I have more plans for Karoz and Chilbo (again, *without* the “l”!), which I’ll explain in another post coming up soon.


Baker Bloch watches the always changing scene in the center of the Aotearoa sink from the cottage on the edge of his property. Floating apple trees now — soon, however, they went the way of all else that has appeared in the sink since his move there 3 weeks ago now (and I renewed for another month!).


Then it’s back to the exploration of Big Sink, an ongoing project for Blochs. Here he examines a road sign not seen before, indicating that he’s on Route 1, and with the outline of the Jeogeot continent on it as well. Nicely done.*


Baker Bloch stands beside a cannon in Brouwer aimed toward Moa, whose western border begins a couple of meters to its front. Baker wonders: was there a struggle between the two sims for control of this part of Big Sink at one time? Anyway, something to log into the blog and move on from for now…

The cannon, as well as much of the Brouwer sim, by the way, is owned by the group Hammer of the Gods or its owner, specializing in jewelry making. They’ve left much of the sim as a kind of “natural park” — good for them. Cannon included.

Hey, wasn’t the real Mr. Plant featured in a Hammer of the Gods book. Yes, I remembered correctly! And also the name of a famous tribute band.


Another business located in Brouwer, a fence making enterprise.


Speaking of which, Blochs then finds a Tom Waits poster on a nearby fence. Strangely, just last night dreamt I met Tom Waits at some sort of golf charity event — or sumtin. Anyway, I distinctly remembered meeting him, and couldn’t wait to tell the wife (still in the dream), since she’s a *huge* fan of his.


A number of these “kitten toy balls” are located around the property. Hmmm… rainbow sphere.



Then I found kittens (!). These two were trying to get together for some fun, but for some reason couldn’t leap up to the pool tile separating them. In real life: no challenge for these two nimble felines, of course. Too bad; looks like they could make good friends. Perhaps they’re part of the same family, even?



* But isn’t this suppose to be Route 10?