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Edwardston *Sky*station Gallery (w/ Edna’s pictures back!) October 22, 2009

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Sooooo… here’s *another* Edwarston Station Gallery I created directly above the *other* ESG, yeah, the one I just built on the ground in Aotearoa. This one’s 300 meters in the air, and 60x60x60 in dimension. It’s a traditional Hucka D. beehive style creation, which means it’s built up from beehive modules, in this case 8 b_hivias, each with 56 prims apiece. This is a quite different arrangement of the b_hivias from, say, the Noru b_hivia gallery, which contained 1/2 the number of b_hivia modules — 4 in that case. The modules of the new beehive are stacked in a manner that they create a giant cube on the outside, which would encompass the same area of *8* 30x30x30 Temple of TILES (or, for that matter, 8 Noru-style Edwardston Station Galleries, also a cube of 30x30x30 meters). So on the outside it’s a quite massive structure, at least by my standards. To create another comparison, the Ubertemple of Neith, another beehive structure, was made up of 6 b_hivias and 3 Temple of TILES. It was more *massive*, but took up less overall volume than the new gallery because there was no real, inner space.

What’s in the gallery? Well, since I call it a second Edwardston Station Gallery on the property, and I’ve already defined an “Edwardston Station Gallery” as something that must contain the whole 10×10 collage work (100 collages total, in case you forgot), then this skybox must have those. And, just like b_hivia from Noru, Edna’s photographs have been factored into the newest gallery. Because of the larger volume, however, I’ve been able to *space out* the art work in a very satisfactory manner. But be forewarned potential visitors: you need to have on your walking shoes to tour the whole setting. But on the other hand I think this additional distance between art works has helped with lag. Pretty sure of that.

Let’s just move into some descriptions. The first several photos below emphasize the large, central open space, complete with a rather asymmetrical pond and some trees, plants and rocks. These including a 30 meter wild pine, rising halfway up the gallery’s total height. You can see this pine in both the first 2 pictures below.





Outside, as stated, it’s just a giant cube, with an open top.



Inside it’s a relative kaleidoscope of angles. Difficult to logically comprehend from this particular perspective for sure.


It’s quite a sight, admittedly, to go into this central region and then look up. It’s utter simplicity on the outside, very complex and angular on the inside.


Although I don’t want to go into *great* detail about how the collages and photographs are arranged inside, I will have more to say about how the gallery is laid out in a future post or posts. These are just some preliminary pictures.

A question looming: do I *really* need two SL galleries containing the same 100 collages? Surprisingly, since the 2 galleries in question are so different from each other, the answer may be: yes!