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Big Sink, Moa 02 October 20, 2009

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Also in Moa, near the northeast corner this time, and quite far above the sink’s bottom, is found this nicely landscaped property owned by the Darkstone Sanctuary group. I can see Baker Bloch hanging here some, perhaps.


A disadvantage to the otherwise scenic property are the tree screens that block the view of *both* sinks from this high position — a waste of a perfectly good view to me.

“Hmmm…” Baker Bloch thinks below, “Isn’t that the same kind of clipped lawn bush placed atop the stone wall I just saw?” (pictured above). In checking behind himself today, he’s less sure of this.


In touching a teleporter within the Darkstone Kingdoms info center also on the property and choosing a location at random, Baker finds himself in the Ratzenberger sim, on the side of a sandy hill. Looks like this particular Darkstone kingdom has been derezzed or is located elsewhere now.

Aaah… in checking behind himself once more, Baker remembers that Ratzenberger was suppose to be the location of the Darkstone Cemetery and Feeding Grounds Club. Oh well, doesn’t sound like a very inviting place for guests anyhoot. Never mind that Baker Bloch’s flesh is most likely inedible, with him being half dead on his father’s side (the Space Ghost side — I have mentioned that Bloch’s father is Space Ghost here, haven’t I?).


Baker Bloch taking another look at the Darkstone panels. I don’t think there’s more mysteries here to be found with the possible exception of another “rat” reference. Oh, another thing while I’m thinking of it. Did some research on the name Ratzenberger and found out that former Cheers star John Ratzenberger, who played bar know-it-all Cliff the postal worker, hosts the Wildcard section in the PC version of the board game, Trivial Pursuit, according to his wikipedia article. Probably means *something* don’t you think?



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  1. […] seeming peculiarities centered around an island in the northeast part of the Ratzenberger sim that has already come up once in this blog. Namely, it represents some kind of direct link between Big Sink and Yd […]

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