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Peiland Gone, Ephant… Good For Now… October 16, 2009

Filed under: Comet Archipelago,Corsica Continent,Ephant,Jeogeot Continent — baker Blinker @ 5:51 am

New structure at the bottom of Sunklands, since removed in the intervening time between the insertion of these photos and the creation of the attached text. Currently there’s nothing on the bottom of the Aotearoa sink. Could change in, well, a heartbeat.


The Baker Family’s first sighting of Santa this year. How exciting! And two of them ta boot.


And Belkie Bear! Now I personally run like hell when I see this bear approaching me in malls and stuff, but Karoz seems unfazed by the appearance. I hate Belkie Bear; long story (can’t remember it myself but it’s long standing… ask the wife). But, anyway, I don’t really think this is Belkie Bear pictured below. Here’s a comparison shot. No, in looking at it now this SL bear is obviously merely a bear in a Santa costume, and probably no relation to Belkie Bear at all. What a relief.


Some last shots of Big Island after I deleted the ground house, wrecked steamer, and about everything else except the palm trees.




The unframed portrait of Lord Chancellor Chesaw, now half buried in the sand where the house once stood. Will we ever know the full story?


Then after deleting all the non-vegetative objects on the Big Island property, hopped over to Ephant to decide that particular rental’s fate as well. I decided it will stay… for now. As I’m writing this text, the rent’s about up again, actually. Another decision time.



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