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Notes October 15, 2009

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I wish to talk about Middlebourne next to The Jug (“middle”) asap. Perhaps mention Sistersville and annual marble festival there (think it was held in Sep. already).

Perhaps go to the festival and tell about marbles “living” around Key Rock (only Key Rock pop place in US is in WV as well, but in southern part of state).

* Maybe the marble track proposed at Key Rock in Denville will be a symbol of the windy Middle Island Creek, called the longest creek in the world in this article…

Map of loopy Middle Island Creek provided here as well…

* Perhaps play around with idea that Key Rock is also called Finger Rock, as in middle finger. Perhaps devise a ring to put on this finger. Is this ring the fuchsia diamond?? Made by Karoz?

* Fuchsia diamond, then, perhaps made (or cut or faceted) by Karoz, the “carver”, for a wedding. Middle finger, though, is not ring finger, which would instead be the 4th finger instead of the 3rd. Fashion an “artificial” fuchsia diamond ring for Finger Rock, then?

Flickr site of someone from Sistersville:

I *luv* this set and the comments. Probably not, but could be genius.

Apparently I’ve stumbled upon at least a faintly famous flickr personality. Called the “Mark Twain of Flickr” in this review. I can kind of see it!

Castle Rock, WV seems to have the alternate title of Key Rock.

Castle Rock and Key Rock are also found in this list of fake rocks…

Key Rock is the cheapest on the list at 10 dollars and Castle Rock is 12th cheapest at $65.*

Free ad for the good folks at Rock It! then…


Reminded that Rocket Boys was set in WV as well. Made into a movie called October Sky, which is an anagram of Rocket Boys… no way I could have guessed that!


* If this list is an octave of 12 notes starting at middle C, then Key Rock would be midde C (like Middle Island Creek, Middlebourne, and The Jug in the middle of Middle Island Creek as well), and Castle Rock would be B# next to the higher C above it. Minimum dimensions of Key Rock at Rock It! are same as marble block from Marble Falls sent to Washington to become part of the Washington Monument: 2x3x4 (except *12* times less tall being inches instead of feet). Marble again, then… a pattern.


Picture of fuchsia diamonds from this blog. Make up part of 65 prims available at Hucka D.’s old homestead, Cabron, before its deletion from the grid. 65 again, then, just like the price of Castle Rock in the fake rock list above. And prims in SL are the real money behind the Lindens.

Is Key Rock the same as the fuchsia diamond? There’s now more reasons to believe this, but too complicated and all secrety and stuff to go into more in this post.