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Loose Notes, Then Chatting? October 14, 2009

In Aotearoa skybox, I’m sure I’ll put some version of Big E or Big Schwa, displaying my involvement with the Jeogeot continent starting in May of this year. Obviously since I’m now rooted in the heart of Sunklands territory for a while (Xmas? beyond?), this story will continue. Started with Karoz taking over exploring tasks from Baker Bloch for a spell upon move to Noru. Focuses were Chilbo (south) and Korean Channel (northwest). “Best route” to the Korean Channel (and also Chilbo in a more minor tone) were explored. Karoz eventually switches from Chilbo circle to Crabwoo circle in “middle” of Korean Channel, and simultaneously, exploring switches back to Baker Bloch. Crabwoo seen as inadequate double to Chilbo on the Maebaleia continent. Meanwhile Blood Dr. is finished… so much information since May! Little Robert Plant Variant is “born” between Crabwoo and Chilbo, in effect, and is found to have been raised in Nowtown, next to Zen City on the west coast of Jeogeot. Next he moved to Sternberg, where he was suppose to meet Page and form Led Zeppelin, variant style. Instead he found out he was both 18 and 59, and was instead given the tube that represents the Zeppelin career, already completed. Page chose not to join. Blochs had to explore Nowtown [instead of Karoz] because of pay bans there, but it was fate. Rubisea then discovered on the Maebaleia continent. Hucka D. claims it was original SL land, and where Baker Bloch and Baker Blinker were “born”, perhaps.*** Represents 1/12th or 1/13th of Blue Feather Sea which Crabwoo is situated upon (one corner anyway). Is original ur note of SL, the Red C or Red Sea, thus: Ruby Sea or Rubi Sea or Rubisea. Unexplored connections between Rubisea and the Rubi Forest. Has light (sunny) and dark (moon, werewolf) side. Represents anima and animus in ways, like Baker Bloch and Baker Blinker to me. Light half in Blue Drake sim, thus origin of story that Blue Drake is source of Blue Feather (Sea). Original note, again, which turns into the 12 notes [or 13; Baker’s Dozen] of the Blue Feather Sea. Feather is bigger than bird/duck in this manner. Later Bluedrake connected with yellow duck of Boulder in RL. *The* Blue Drake. Connection between Rubisea and Rydal Water of England’s Lake District made, as well as Grasmere L. for neighboring, larger lakes (but still considerably smaller than Blue Feather Sea itself, the largest of the inland lakes of Maebaleia).
Robert Plant Variant is then found to have gone to Sunklands after moving away from Nowtown/Zen City and/or Sternberg. Sunklands is below Sternberg, and also X-ville and Y-borough briefly mentioned in this blog. Y-borough is Crabwoo-like. Plant may have also lived in Quetzal for a spell. But Sunklands then becomes a focus for a time, with Baker Bloch renting in, first, the westernmost sunk (Lill Burn Valley) and then the easternmost (Oolamoo/Drews). Speculation about this eastern sink, the second largest, harboring The Arab that R. Plant talks so much about with his oh so loud mouth. I still think this is true — get to that more in a minute. Baker Bloch sinks or disappears into Sunklands, and I speculate that my time in SL is basically done, except for some gallery maintenance. Then whole Corsica Prime-Pennsylvania stuff arose, and I was back in the thick of SL things. Resonation focused on what became Egg Hill Sink, found fellow collager had lived in bottom — fish bowl in center. Parallel sink directly south in Chasm Deep sim mostly. Two, I believe, are linked in a Klein bottle type relationship — that’s how they were formed. Original site of Petemond in Egg Hill Sink? This may be wrong now, but *Centerville* was certainly in the upper sink of the two (Egg Hill). Connects with K.C. Life a/v synch in that Centerville is in exact center of this 2 movie synchronicity, with Kansas all around. Kansas here obviously is same as Pennsylvania — even 2 states are involved. This is pre-SL in many ways. Klein bottle situation between the 2 involved sinks is pre-SL, and probably disappeared when the Linden grid was superimposed on the landscape.
Briefly contemplated buying land in Egg Hill sink before fully understanding relationship with Chasm Deep sink and Klein bottle relationship.
Then the whole Big I./ Comet Archipelago story came along right after this, another big chunk of information centered by the Trivia Ratsuit Uncyclopedia entry. Big I. used to seal up runny (Pennsylvania) mess of Corsica Prime. Corsica Prime becomes a row of 12 notes in 4 permutations: original, reversed, inverted, reversed inverted. This continues idea of Blue Feather Sea as 12 notes of scale (7 and 5). Sealing of Corsica energy on Big I. is connected with West Virgnia state and The Jug. The Jug represents memory of Egg Hill Sink and Chasm Deep sink as a Klein bottle situation. Also identified with Blood Dr. and Dr. Blood, which is the same as Blood Doctor and Doctor Blood, also from Pennsylvania (Blood Rd. and Blood Settlement, later Marienville, and the connection of Corsica, Pennsylvania into all this). Sim named for Philip Dick works help identify central axis of Corsica Prime and its 2 central sinks. Big I. mythology developed to contain sealed up energy of Pennsyvania via Blood Dr./Dr. Blood through hole on island asssoc with Rat, formerly Saw-chee apparently. Story of Chesaw and Saw-chee playing Trivia Ratsuit to save the world from penguins, and start up virtual reality in Pieland (original name of Big I.). Big I. is surfacing of Pieland into SL grid. Locked into place through Comet Archipelago. Friend Flynn moves to what was originally called Chesaw Island, and where Chesaw lived before moving to Big Island. Chesaw I. rumoured to have a Money Pit, but the pit was the hole on Big I. instead, also identifed through Flynn as resonating into Tron’s Flynn and Tron itself. A 3rd Life was seen beyond Second Life inside the hole. Sealed up to protect, assoc. with Cthulu mythos through Derleth, but also connections to SL friend Headburro Antfarm. A way to connect stories. Hucka D. claims to have lived on Big I. as well, but in form of purple obese alien, or perhaps just pregnant alien. Has 5 kids, named after fingers on hand. The Arab brought her and 6 others to Big I. She went “native”. She was like Mary Ann of the crew, and so identified with Kansas, it seems. Middle was key (named after Middle Finger) because he retained memory of The Jug/Klein bottle. This seals up memory of Peter, who at least formed Sunklands on Jeogeot, and perhaps the 2 Corsica Prime sinks as well, similarly dry ones. Corsica Prime [through Pennsylvania] becomes the symbol of Pinky, or One Pink. Which may also be the same as Big I. (?).
Scene shifts back, then, to Jeogeot as Baker Bloch purchases land in heart of Sunklands, in Aotearoa. Largest sink seems to have been created by Dr. Blood, or Blood Dr. No, Dr. Blood. Who may be the same as an Aorta??
But the big sink and what it means is key. And the Big Sink (same as Big I… may be a connection (!))* has been corrupted, perhaps beyond repair since it spans so many sims and belongs to so many avatars at once. Some of the smaller sinks have been repaired (Lill Burn Valley, Otaki Gorge, Oolamoo/Drews, at least 1/2 of it).
Theory: to heal the 2nd largest sink totally and not just in part, Saw-chee has to don the rat suit and loose the Trivia Ratsuit game to Chesaw. The wall between Oolamoo and Drews is this game, perhaps. Anyway Dr. Blood created the largest sink [apparently called Big Sink now, associated somehow with Big I. through “Big Ink”], or was its culmination. Sunklands was created in 2004-2009. Sealed up by Klein bottle relationship between Doctor Blood and Blood Doctor, which seems to be the same as the relationship between the 2 sinks of Corsica Prime.
Dr. Blood also has something to do with the original blood red color of Rubisea on the Maebaleia continent, fed now by Unnasty Branch and quite pure and clear in contrast to previous times.
The collage 10×10 was created at the same time as Sunklands of SL. The sinks literally did not exist in complete form until at least 2007, maybe 2008. Before my entrance as Baker Blinker/Baker Bloch into SL, Sunklands was not solidified. Only at this moment did it cystallize as it appears now on maps.
Forgot to even mention the 2 rabbit holes further linking Maebaleia and Jeogeot, and, more specifically, the Rubisea area (Lake District) and Sunklands. Study difference between “wet” and “dry” sinks.**
Collages find perhaps their true home in Aotearoa in new and hopefully improved Edwardston Station Gallery (beyond “borg cube” original nature, as culminated in Horisme version just before b_hivia creation in Noru). Introduction of collage 10×10 into scene is another way to heal Sunklands.

Hucka D.:

I have nothing to add much except to saw that my 5 fingers were all black children, poor, and barely with clothes. But we lived on a tropical island so not much care there. Middle is a key, yes. They’re all keys.


I loved them so. I spoiled Pinky. He always went wee wee wee all the way back home when he ran into mainland money trouble. He grew up to be Dr. Blood. He grew up to be Peter. Peter formed Sunklands, not you, baker b. Baker Bloch. You created the collage 10×10, though. Tell me how that works again sometime.


I’ll attempt it soon. Thanks.

* a transitional archetype between Big I. and Big Sink may be Big Ink, but we’ll see about that.
** Hucka D. indicated to me that both rabbit holes, which are, in effect, one rabbit hole, are created by the Ancients that I encountered in various ways at the beginning of this blog (Baker Blinker and Shakenstein, Baker Bloch and Mr. Low).
*** Hucka D. has since indicated to me that this is where Baker Blinker and Baker Bloch were *married*, or where they spent their honeymoon. Lake District.