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Chatty… October 13, 2009

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“You need a focus in this world closer than Beach Mtn. and Darkside. Key Rock may give you this. Keyrock. Castle Rock.”


Was there a castle inside this rock, Hucka D.?

Hucka D.:

Buy your marble track. Marbles. Red, green, blue, yellow and odd. Meeting of your county and Bridee of Mythos that begins Wazob. 3rd Life that returns to 1st. Winesap. Go the whole day… take the book. Read. Look. Key. Lock and key.


Thank you.


S. and W. of Sunklands, 02

This semi-interesting patch of land is found by Ol’ Runnin’ Baker in the southwest corner of Reverie, just past the Akira info hub just discussed in the last post. Baker is running on an unpaved Linden protected roadway. In looking at Fleep Tuque’s handy map of current or projected Jeogeot roadways, see that this is a part of Route 9.


A little further up Route 9, then, Baker spies a mountain to the west. He knows an isolated highland region exists there; will have to certainly go back and take pictures for the blog soon.


A camera shy, animated bunny Baker encounters just off the roadway in Strata, on banned land however. Quite a bizarre spectacles, um, spectacle.


Pink Floyd symbolism encountered along Route 9 somewhere as well (Moon + Wall again, or Moonwall).


Baker runs into a short tempered security orb which forces him to teleport quickly away. He chooses what he know will be a safe nearby haven: Lill Burn Valley, not far to the west. *This* is how a dry sink should look folks!


Then this same night Baker decides to head over to Big Island in the Comet Archipelago as well, just the reminisce about the old days (old like 1 month ago!). But realistically Big I. still has to go. As of today have less than 2 days left on my tier. Too much happening in Sunklands and also Chilbo (and Ephant for that matter… although that may go soon too).



S. and W. of Sunklands, 01

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Heading south from Edwardston Station Gallery beyond Sunklands territory, at least as defined by this map.

Took Karoz a while to refind this, but it’s in the Campbell Plateu sim about 500 meters west of the ESG, and represents one of the only nature spots Baker Bloch found this night. Just a couple of waterfalls, couple of rocks, couple of trees, but at least it’s something. Actually the lack of nature in the immediate area of Aotearoa makes my landscaping efforts look 1/2 good.


There’s a lot of empty terrain in the immediate area. Now I’m really one that appreciates empty spaces like this. Others might look at it and say, how can I completely fill this void with “stuff”, or at least the portion one can afford to buy/rent. I always like to work with the landscape as is first, and then make changes according to that. For example, I *always* revert land I’ve bought/rent to the original state, just to see the “natural” lay of the land. Basically, for example, the new Sunklands property is reverted landscape, with some digging down to place the waterfall and a little more terrain editing to make sure, for example, that stairs can be reached, and so on. But not a drastic amount by any means. And I think that’s the attraction to owning a considerable amount of land, say close to 8192, like I have in Aotearoa. Not by filling it with “stuff”, necessarily, but almost, um, restoring the land to what it should be. Linden trees and vegetation and rocks are an essential to any such restoration. Sculpted plants should not be used in excess, in my opinion, but a balance between Linden plants and sculpted or higher prim plants should be made, weighing toward the former in most cases. One of my complaints is that no new Linden plants have been created in a while, at least that I know of. I’ll research that subject for a later post, though. Moving on…



Finally, a decent sized “town” is found, but with little of the charm of even Little Robert Plant Variant’s Nowtown, say. As Karoz is checking behind Bloch today, he’s discovered a couple of other mall type areas near this region unfound by this particular Baker on his explorations of the night before. But, again, nothing really earth shattering… nothing, again, that even approaches the interest level of even Nowtown/Zen City, for me at least.


Speaking of sculptie plants, here’s a store in the area I’d thought I’d take a picture of just to show the type of plants I usually don’t like to use on my properties. Just a personal preference. I prefer plants that look like world plants, and not like they’re from another planet altogether. Again, I’m pretty conservative, I suppose, when it comes to ground cover. Skyboxes might be a somewhat different matter… have to think on that more as well (esp. considering I’m planning to start work on a fairly large skybox asap).


More relative emptiness.


Baker unexpectantly stumbles upon an infohub in Exxilon (some connection with Exxon?), but, perhaps curiously, not named for the sim it’s located within. Instead the name is Akira Info Hub,


Baker doesn’t like to hang around Infohubs, especially relatively unattractive ones like this. So he quickly moves on up the road…

(to be continued)