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Edwardston Station Gallery Reborn… October 9, 2009

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Baker Bloch waiting at the nice little “rest stop” just south of my properties for the whole sim of Aotearoa to come back online. He was busy working on the new gallery structure (more below) when the warnings came. 10 minutes till your sim goes offline, 3 minutes, 1 minute… At the last moment he chickened out and teleported over to Chesaux to wait the downtime out, although he would have liked to have stayed and see what happened to an avatar when his home sim goes offline. Maybe it’s like Tron (once again) in that you get derezzed along with the sim. But in any case he didn’t find out.


On the west lip of Aotearoa, you get this marvelous view down into the eastern side of Jeogeot’s largest sink, and, as far as I can tell, the largest such dry sink in SL. The landscape is barren in front of Baker here because the central parcel cutting through the vale from the east here is up for sale.


I rent almost 1/8th of the Aotearoa sim. The rest has been bought up by a single individual in the last several days, who’s currently setting up what appears to be a quite large, multi-level mall in its center. Quite close to my parcel, as you can tell. I was resigned to having neighbors and the inherent problems (and, yes, also advantages), so this comes as no big surprise. Mind you this is also the back of the mall (whatever) and the front is much prettier. But from the back it’s not much to see, and the multilevel part is kind of irritating (it grew a new, bottom level just yesterday). I must admit that I played around with erecting 2 60x60x1 screens between my parcel and his land, but it just didn’t look right. So, again, I’ve resigned myself to look at the back of this monstrosity while it exists next to me. From what I’ve scanned it looks really nice inside, and, as I said, the front is much better. I wonder how much trouble it is to set one of these giant thingies up? Anyway, I’ll never find out, although I’d like to play around with unpacking some kind of [non-mall] superstructure in the future, just for kicks. Just to get use to the scale. But for now the stuff I’ve been working with is certainly large enough…


Bringing us to a happier subject: the new Edwardston Station Gallery (!). I briefly pondered setting all gallery spaces up in the air, but settled on this “adjusted”, new style of ground gallery, built up from a simple structure Baker Bloch found in his inventory called the Black Box, which served as a module (as, for example, Arcadia Asylum’s “Shop In A Box” acted as the module for the former version of this gallery, last seen in Noru I believe back in August).


I won’t go into great details on the build except to say that part of it was modeled in my skybox and moved to the ground, and then the second stage involved modifying the resultant new “superstructure” (module based, as I said) to act as a proper receptacle for my collage 10×10. What I’ve previously determined is that all gallery structures named “Edwardston Station Gallery” should serve as a home for this 10×10 and it alone, sans Edna’s photographs. *Ideally* I’d like to house collages and photographs in one structure, as I did, in part, in b_hivia. However, just for practicality’s sake (lag caused by large number of textures and prims), I think it’s now best, at least at this stage, to stick exclusively with the collages in this ground gallery. As I believe I’ve already mentioned, I still have close to a *1000* prims to work with on the property, even with this gallery all set up and collages included now. I think there’s no doubt a sky structure will have to come soon, as I don’t want to set anything else very large on the ground itself — that part’s mostly developed as far as I’m concerned.


As I was telling Hucka D. in a recent post, I see this as a “bigger boy” gallery than former structures. Even though I loved b_hivia and all such beehives that came before it, along with those using Arcadia Asylum work as modules or parts (for example, the aforementioned Noru-version Edwardston Station Gallery), I believe the newest gallery looks a little less “home made” and more like other SL galleries that I’ve visited. I think you can see the difference below. Mind you, I like both approaches, but for this build I decided on a slightly more sophisticated, streamlined look. Like adding fashionable lights on certain floors such as the first one (pictured below)…



… and also an aquarium in the middle of floor 2 (with non-phantom water, though, so you can walk over it).


Floor 4 below represents the current, main entry point into the gallery from those teleporting in. As you can see, I’ve appropriately set the SL gallery kiosk inside a cut/edited pillar. Since the below picture was taken, I’ve also added a welcome sign of sorts, providing, upon touch, a link to my gallery url in this blog (I decided against — again for now; may change my mind — having a notecard for the gallery, especially one that is automatically provided as one enters from this point.


It was a lot of fun playing around with the structure once the base was firmly set on the ground. One interesting result was the introduction of circle based elements from the tower wing of the newest Temple of TILE version. I also used bits from this wing to enclose the 5 tier spiral staircase linking all 7 floors of the structure together. I found that when it wasn’t enclose using this stairwell, Baker Bloch had a tendency at times to merely walk over its narrow edge at times due to “natural” lag, especially when going down instead of up.

I’m not sure what the red circle means here; just something that I decided to include in the natural evolution of the build.


The new gallery from behind. This is from the western lip of Aotearoa again, and from about the same position as picture #2 of this particular post. I’ve since removed the gallery sign (black, center) from the back.



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