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Various… October 5, 2009

Baker Bloch flying near the northwest tip of Corsica Prime. Thought this snapshot worthy of inclusion in this blog because of the nifty play of shadows on the checkerboard landscape.


Back on Big. I, looking at the Victorian House (now full of Chesaw/Pieland related pictures) from the still empty Econo apartment (modified). This structure, although I almost invariably rez it onto any land I’ve rented in the past half year or so, always seems to remain empty. Same story now with the new property at Aotearoa (I’m behind in writing this text, once again!). But a really nice view here; I’ll miss Big I. for sure.


Amazing developments happening on Azure Island No. 1, then. The island is being deleted sim by sim! Almost commiting suicide, it seems. Baker stands on the land he and Baker Blinker once owned in Gliese, looking toward the now empty void that use to be filled by the lovely forest they once loved so much. It’s not just happening on AI #1 (although that’s where it appears most dramatically, perhaps). It’s all over the islands, 1-5. Even though Azure Islands may stick around for a while in SL, it will not be the AI I once knew and loved. It will be different; I will not be a part of it. In the meantime, I must admit that the homestead sims of the Comet Archipelago are pretty darn nifty. Definitely worth a stay there, despite the brevity. Got a good story out of it! (Trivia Ratsuit and attachments).


More shocking pictures from Gliese.


Thought I’d include a snapshot of an Earl Dinkin work. Now Earl is someone both my friend Flynn and I discovered independent of each other. But one perhaps cannot say this is synchroncity, simply because he has so many galleries in SL: 8 at last count according to the latest SL gallery list. This particular gallery, The Man Against Eternity Tour, is in Keswick on the Sansara continent. In quickly checking, it looks like his galleries extend over the 3 oldest continents of Sansara, Heterocera (Atoll), and Jeogeot.


More Comet Archipelago pictures, this time of a green sim, Tuttle. Was *this* where Hucka D.’s reputed Money Pit located?







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(joined in progress…)

Hucka D.:

At the least, it’s telling you to examine your Mythos more closely. That’s where The Arab came from. The Arab is what you need to focus on. That’s the next slice of the ongoing story.


Funny how I also took a picture of the ____ Mythos without knowing the connection to my old parcel in Rubi. And also the Xilted connection. Just played around with shrinking my Big E/Big Schwa highlighting the Xilted sim tonight, Hucka D.

Hucka D.:

You must note all of these connections.


Xilted stands for “t” or green” of TILE. The next step beyond the “E”. “t” then turns into “T”, as “e” did before it.

Hucka D.:

Next step. Green. “t” into “T”.


To the reader: I’ve decided to box the Big E and sell it for a very reasonable price, perhaps in Chilbo somewhere. Maybe also Yapland. Along with this, or continuing this thought, I’ve also decided, I believe, to similarly package at least the Edwardston Station Gallery and its 100 collages [of the 10×10] and sell for 1000 $L, a very, very reasonable price I feel, since it is only 10 lindens per collage, with the gallery structure itself being free. I also see selling that in or around Chilbo. What about the Temple of TILE, Hucka D.? I believe you had some more thoughts.

Hucka D.:

The Temple of TILE, well, it belongs in Rubi really. You took it home one time. [edit one sentence]


What of the Mythos connection? And where’s Grassy been all this time?? Remember when the 2 of you were going to be my ambassadors to Mythos? Remember when you went to Arkansas to build the Earthly version of the temple? Remember when you learned about the 2 Grassys in Alabama; remember the falling out the 2 of you had because of the ancient karma over toy avatars vs. SL avatars at TILE Creek, at The Wilderness? The Wilderness trees are dying. Really, really sad. I can’t even bear to take pictures now.

Hucka D.:

You must. You must remember.


Trees are going to be falling all over the place.



I don’t know how much more there is of interest on Corsica Prime, Hucka D. I know the rent is cheap there…

Hucka D.:

Go back to Red Mars, um, Marsh.


Follow up on a lead, eh?

Hucka D.:

We’ll talk more soon. Good night.


Thank you.