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Big Island, Bliss Gardens, Otherland, Rabbit Hole September 27, 2009

Baker on the northern point of Big Island in Kopff, looking toward smaller island to the north.


As Baker stands on a knoll in-between all these island, his kopf, er, head just juts above the water.


‘Nother sunset scene on Big Island, probably in Kopff again.


This night, Baker desired a little more pizazz from his landscape, and thus teleported over to the always impressive Bliss Gardens Center. Now this is mostly just some basic terraforming, and playing around with the natural water level to create pools and such, but it’s still quite aesthetically pleasing, and there are some things for sale dotting the mainly barren landscape, like treehouses and giant pumpkins. Most of the things for sale at Bliss Gardens are instead found in the 5 sim skybox. Moving on…






… to Wilsonia Foxclaw in Otherland, specifically the very valley in which she was “born” in the context of this blog last January. I had thoughts of having her re-explore a lot of Otherland, but I think I’ll put that on hold now. Still, isn’t the sunrise blessed landscape incredibly pretty here?



The centered, full moon looking out of the amazingly deep Rabbit Hole in Blackmount.



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