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Which Came 1st: The Dr. or the Blood? September 15, 2009

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Hucka D., I have a number of reasons to believe this man and a road he built in the early 1800s in northwest Pennsylvania represents what we’ve been calling Dr. Blood, at least in part. First we have a Mr. [Cyrus] Blood — not a dr., though… I’ll get to that in a minute — whose name in this book is connected to what would eventually become Corsica, Pennsylvania. It was there he discovered that, despite a prearranged deal, no road had been blazed to his new home, Blood Settlement, in Forest County to the north. So he cut one himself; cut may be involved in this tangle as well, since when one gets cut, one bleeds.

I think the “dr.” in Dr. Blood perhaps is not a doctor but a *drive*. It’s not Dr. Blood but Blood Dr. Drive like a road. Or perhaps the fact that Blood was obviously driven to found a new county. In my American Heritage dictionary, there are two definitions of “Dr.”, with “Drive” being the second.

Hucka D.:

It’s both: Blood Dr. and Dr. Blood. Thought I’d fill you in before you get too far in forgetting the doctor part. Peter.


Appropriate quote, then:

Cyrus Blood was the pioneer of Forest County. He brought his family into this wilderness in 1833. For years his farm was called the ” Blood settlement.” When he settled there the region was full of panthers, bears, wolves, wild-cats, and deer. Mr. Blood was a powerful man, of great energy and courage. He was well educated and a surveyor….

Ambitious to found a county, Cyrus Blood made several visits into this wilderness, and finding that the northern portion of Jefferson County was then an almost unbroken wilderness, he finally purchased a tract of land on which Marienville is now located, and decided to make his settlement there.

It was understood when Mr. Blood purchased in Jefferson County from the land company that a road would be opened into it for him. In 1833, when Mr. Blood arrived where Corsica now is, on the Olean road, he found, to his annoyance, that no road had been made. Leaving his family behind him, he started from what was then Armstrong’s Mill, now Clarington, with an ox team, sled, and men to cut their way step by step through the wilderness twelve miles to his future home. Every night the men camped on and around the ox sled. When the party reached Blood’s purchase, a patch of ground was cleared and a log cabin reared. In October, 1833, Mr. Blood and his five children took possession of this forest home….

The pioneer path or trail was opened by Cyrus Blood from Clarington to Blood’s settlement. This was in the year 1833. The pioneer road was this ” path” widened and improved by Blood several years later.

The road was cut from Clarington at the southern edge of the forest wilderness to Blood Settlement, now called Marienville. Today, Highway 899 follows the old path. Suspiciously again, the only Highway 899 community marked between Clarington and Marienville on these two township maps…

… is Redclyffe, red like the color of blood. And perhaps the next closest marked community to this road between beginning and end, Roses [near Marienville], is another name traditionally assoc. with this color. There’s more I could add here, but I’ll stop at that. What say you Hucka D. the Bee?

Hucka D.:

If so, there will have to be two dr.s overlapping each other but still separate. Another mobius strip like paradox, like your Klein Bottle situation with the sinks on the Corsica continent, perhaps.


I had to cut that road of associations as well, beginning with the realization of the Corsica-Pennsylvania overlay. And this realization was perhaps directly triggered by the fact that Corsica, Pennsylvania itself had already been mentioned in this blog.

Hucka D.:

You better look at that again Dr. Blood, ahem, I mean baker b. And remember the Rubi Forest-Corsica Island Forest overlap. Diagonal and all; red as blood. More recently reinforced in other ways as well. Look for where various paths cross. Where do they point?



And also there would be a reason one might call it Dr. Blood instead of Blood Dr., since, if the above model is correct, Dr. Blood is simply Blood Dr. turned inside out, like the walls of a Klein Bottle would be inside-out [in respect] to each other above, upon contact with the 2 Corsica sinks.

Hucka D.:

This is where SL begins to end, beyond the beginning of the end, actually. Believe I said that already.


This reaches back into the past from the future, I think. Blood Road was actually formed because of Blood Drive in the future.

Hucka D.:

And Dr. Blood. Don’t forget the good doctor.


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