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Loose Thoughts, 03… September 10, 2009

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Carl Jung defined two events that have nothing to do with each other in a rational, cause-and-effect way, but obviously still relate in a meaningful manner, as synchronicity. Observing and describing such unrelated yet meaningful couplings in Second Life forms a significant part of this blog, and represents probably its most important component or driving force. Just the posts I’ve created from the last week are chocked full of such synchronicities, some little and perhaps trivial and unmeaningful in the end, some not so little and not so unmeaningful, most likely. In the latter category I’d add the following:

Having seen so much of the SL-RL resonance I’ve recently been researching consistently point to the smaller of 2 sinks on the Corsica continent, or on the main island of the continent I’ve been calling Corsica Prime, it was a natural step, then, to research more on this sink. As the whole sink is basically contained within 1 sim, Orion’s Vale, I decided to start there. In googling “Orion’s Vale” + “Second Life”, only a few hits showed up, and all from the same blog about SL avatar Sachie Bade, called “Sachie Bade’s Second Third Fourth”. Given that few blogs link to my main blog here, the Baker Blinker Blog, image my surprise to find out that Sachie not only seemed to provide a link to my blog, but also changed the name to the correct, currently most used Baker: Baker Bloch!

Also included on her short list of blog links was Headburro Antfarm’s, and I decided to im him inworld to see if he knew Sachie. Perhaps that’s the explanation for the 2 links together here, I tried to rationalize. But, no, Headburro didn’t know the person/avatar, although he liked her blog enough to make a link to it from his own blog, as I did the same from my blog.

Let’s take a closer look at “Sachie Bade’s Second Third Fourth,” then. What does Sachie Bade have to do with the Orion’s Vale sim and what we’re now titling, at latest call, the Egg Hole sink? Well, its because she use to live inside this very sink. In fact, her Orion’s Vale parcel represents the first virtual land she purchased, in December 2007 when the continent was still being developed and her land was positioned near the working frontier of the grid. How amazing it would be to live in such a place at such a time.

As I’m reading the blog, it seems that Ms. Bade lived in Orion’s Vale at least from December 2007 to March 2008, and perhaps up to a year. If we go to the beginning of the blog, we get the story laid out in some detail, starting with the post “Land Ho Ho”.

To me, it’s a quite amazing post, as is another one called Mainland from March, 08, which fleshes out her reasons for choosing mainland over estate property. It almost precisely mirrors my own thinking on the subject. I also like the idea that after an extended search in other places, Sachie ended up buying the first parcel she visited, the one in Orion’s Vale. The one in Egg Hole.

Unfortunately, Sachie doesn’t write as much prose posts in her blog now, although her poems are super nifty (influenced by flarf, as she states in another excellent post entitled “A Motion Is Bad Coldhearted”). A post from Feburary 2009 states she has moved away from Orion’s Vale, but gives no details except to say that, thanks to the proceeds from the sale, she now owns a snow palace and, “a waterworld that would make Kevin Reynolds and Billy Corben jealous.”

Then there’s her wonderful flickr pictures related to SL, which presently focus on aviary adventures. I’ll probably have more to say about those in a future post, actually.

But why link to my blog, then? I found myself still asking. At some point I clicked on the “Baker Bloch Blog” link on her main page, and was surprised at not going to the Baker Blinker Blog, but the Baker *Bloch* Blog. Yes, he has one too, but it’s not a blog I’ve advertised a lot. It deals with the 10×10 of 100 collages, with very limited text involved. In studying her blog further, found out that Ms. Bade is also a collagist — aah, that would explains it! Still, she’s probably the only person in the metaverse who links to that particular blog. What are the odds I’d run across this “by accident”?

I’ll have more to say about “Sachie Bade’s Second Third Fourth” and Egg Hole very soon!

(to be continued)


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