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Loose Thoughts, 02 September 10, 2009

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So it’s safe to say that “center” seems to be reinforced through this RL-SL overlap. What about the egg part?

Interesting that Baker Bloch saw multiple versions of bunny rabbits in the Zap Cannon sim, which would also lie inside Centre County in this overlap. And bunnys are sometimes associated with eggs, especially through the easter egg concept. Let’s take a view, then.

The egg was a symbol of the rebirth of the earth in Pagan celebrations of spring and was adopted by early Christians as a symbol of the rebirth.

I think this is the basic idea we need to glean: that the egg is a symbol of rebirth, originally Pagan but adopted by the Christians and grafted, as it were, onto the resurrection of Jesus Christ.

So what does this have to do with Egg Hole Sink, which I now think I’ll call just the Egg Hole? I think the same concept applies: this is a sacred place where rebirth will occur or has occurred. What, though? Well, I would dare to guess that it may be the rebirth of Second Life itself. “What?” one might utter here. Let’s look at the bigger picture, then.

The virtual reality Blue Mars, which moved into Open Beta just this month, advertises itself as the first viable virtual world competitor to SL, which might very well be true. The earlier debate over OpenSim verses Second Life generated by the Nov 8 Openspace fiasco acts as a good framework to view this topic. This Rezzable article contends that SL is stuck in the mud as far as technological advancements in content creation and scalability. The article also explains that the important cool things SL allows you to do, you can also set up in OpenSim. One problems with OpenSim is that the graphics are essentially the same as in SL; you use the same viewer for both. Blue Mars has a definite advantage here. The article also goes into the experiments OpenSim has made with web interfaces, which would involve sharing data across systems like any other web application. SL, in contrast, is called, “a closed system with some simple messaging capabilities, but [with] no serious commitment to extending.”

But what I’m getting out of that article is that SL has the great advantage because of its built in community, and also relative stability of infrastructure, even if it is a “closed system” in many ways. OpenSim will not be the new Second Life, in other words, although it acts as a nice complement, and allows us to perhaps see and recognize paths beyond the current closed system.

What about Blue Mars, then? Is *it* the new Second Life? Maybe not next year or the year after, but in watching the videos and reading a number of articles on the subject, I think there’s no doubt that Blue Mars, or something like it with state of the arts graphics capability for a 3d world — along with supposedly superior physics and more off-world content creation options — is going to replace SL at some point in the next 5-10 years. Maybe 3-5 years. And the change will probably be rapid once some kind of critical mass is reached. Think of how Laserdiscs never gained the upper hand on VHS tapes in the 1990s, although it offered a far sharper image. It was instead the more compact and less damage prone DVDs, with similar graphic advantages however, that would eventually replace the obviously outmoded VHS tape. Is Blue Mars like the Laserdisc? Will its limitations, hazily seen at best now, become crystal clear in the light of the actual, de facto replacement of SL? What I do know is that people will get a taste of the superior images and content management and want more. And that thirst will drive new virtual reality entrepreneurs to make something even better. In a nutshell, the “end” of SL might be closer than its beginning.

Back to the egg idea, then, when the mass exodus begins from SL, what will become of SL? Can there be another life beyond its first? I think Egg Hole, somehow, could be linked to that concept, however bizarre it sounds. Egg Hole represents a place of resurrection for SL itself.

(to be continued)


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