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Loose Thoughts (Daring Daylight Text Post)… September 9, 2009

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Idea: rename Navel Sink of Corsica Prime *Egg Hole Sink*. Still may change my mind on this.

Reason? There seems to be a very intimate and perhaps very precise (pinpoint) relationship between this sink and the isolated ridge called Egg Hill of Centre County, Pennsylvania, named for its egg-like shape as it stands out from the surrounding flatland.

If you look at what I’ve determined is now the Primary or Prime Corsica-Pennsylvania overlay, you can see the position of Egg Hole Sink (maybe just Egg Sink?) within Centre County in the, well, center of the whole overlay. Looking at a map of Centre County and coloring in the approx. position of Egg Hill (green), we can see that it essentially overlaps the position of Navel Sink/Egg Hole Sink in the overlay.


And a cut out from the Corsica-Penn. overlay to better illustrate the association…


Is this an accident? Am I looking at too much detail within the overall resonance? Could be, but for more reasons I can possibly cram into this post in all likelihood, I don’t think so.

During my initial research on Egg Hill after discovering this quite curious overlap, came upon information about supposedly haunted Egg Hill Church, perched on the western slopes of the namesake hill…*

First off, the writer of this blog, who goes by the moniker Protoclown, visited both Egg Hill Church in Centre County, Pennsylvania and also Centralia, Pennsylvania on the same haunt seeking road trip (posts specifically about Centralia start here). Centralia is not really that close to Centre County, being on the eastern side of Pennsylvania. But does Centralia and its perpetually burning mine also figure in, somehow, to our Egg Hole Sink tangle of connections? Especially knowing that the original name of the town was *Centre*ville? Let’s leave that idea on the, er, backburner for now.

Another body of information I think definitely fits into this overall picture somewhere is the search for the geographic center of Pennsylvania, as discussed in this Penn State Dept. of Geography blog entry from 2004. As you can glean from the text, the fact that the center of Pennsylvania actually lies within Centre County has never really been the issue. It’s *where* in the county itself this center lies. Tradition has it that it’s quite near Egg Hill, actually, or Aaronsburg just to its northeast. However, the assembled crack team of geographers at Penn State determined, through careful analysis, that the center of the state actually lies much closer to Bellefonte, the county seat, but, perhaps queerly once more, about the same distance *west* of Egg Hill that Aaronsburg is east. Another cool things about this site is that you can clearly see the egg-shaped Egg Hill on the 2nd of 3 old topographic map excerpts provided therein (it’s just below the Spring Mills community positioned near the center of the map).


*A two part Youtube documentary on Egg Hill Church is found here.

(to be continued)


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