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Corsica: Navel September 9, 2009

Filed under: Corsica Continent,Egg Hill Sink (Orion's Vale) — baker Blinker @ 7:03 am

Baker Bloch beams down into the center of the Valis sim (default landing point). Speaking of beams, no pink ones yet!


But Baker does soon happen across this strange island near the top of the ridge running through the eastern part of Valis. One might think Dick would have found it interesting as well… a small, ruined temple apparently decorated, in the meantime, with giant clock faces, perhaps for ritual purposes. The name of the parcel seems important: Serendipity Seekers. How pertinent that Baker Bloch visits and communes with this environment, then.


And there’s a lemon tree next to the lake with the island, ta boot.


Then it’s a short hop to the next sim over to the west, the fabled Orions Vale containing what I’m presently calling the Navel Sink, for lack of a better term right now. This particular sink is as large or perhaps larger than a couple in Sunklands on the Jeogeot continent, but not nearly as big as the largest two there for sure. In comparison, the Corsica sink directly south of Navel Sink, another round affair, is considerably more impressive.

At the very center of Naval Sink is a club called the Phish Tank, also mentioned elsewhere in newer posts. You can see the blue colored water slides on top of it below. Baker Bloch is looking around right now for more information about the club, with no luck so far. However, a search of “Phish Tank” and “Second Life” on the web yielded this and this. Wow, that’s been around a while… since at least 2006. But it doesn’t appear to be the Orions Vale iteration since that land was bought in December 2007. Still an old parcel for Corsica; claimed near its beginning.


But, frankly, *this* is the view I prefer of the sink, with no clubs, huge houses, or other structures to mar its inherent beauty. Ok, maybe a few trees would be nice, preferably conifers, perhaps, as probably populated its greenland before the arrival of colonists.


Then lastly we have an aerial view of that cute shopping village in Zap Cannon with the rabbit barista Baker Bloch posed with in an earlier blog snapshot.



2 Responses to “Corsica: Navel”

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  2. […] use to center the Egg Hill sink on the very land I bought this night. I include a picture of it in this very first post of mine concerning the sink from September 2009, before I even had a proper name for […]

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