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Loose Thoughts… August 26, 2009

Although Baker Bloch has admittedly disappeared or sunk into Sunklands, I want to assure the reader or readers of this blog that he is faring fine. Here’s a couple of pictures of his beautiful, new digs, which he gave me permission to post.



He may report specific finds later on, but for now he’s just enjoying walking around his new neighborhood, and also hanging out at his cottage a bit and the nice lake, rocks, and waterfalls just outside. And birds! Lots of birds.

I probably should also report that Blochs has moved out of Lill Burn Valley, at least for now.

Thought I’d also post, just to clear out my backlog of SL related snapshots, these two pictures of, first, Jeogeot and then Maebaleia… another comparison shot, but this time focused on the 2 “Rabbit Holes” already discussed on this blog, particularly in this recent entry.

Snapshot1285_004smaller Snapshot1285_005smaller

In this early summer post, I similarly compared the masses of Jeogeot and Maebaleia through the perceived Chilbo-Crabwoo overlap, which I think still applies to a large degree. However, toggling between the two above maps gives a second or alternate way to look at this same continent resonation, this time overlapping the two rabbit holes on each, apparent twins of each other and unique to these particular spots in SL, perhaps… seemingly (at least as far as I’ve been able to check).

In looking at these again, the earlier Chilbo-Crabwoo map overlap still seems obviously more significant, but, make no mistake about it, there’s still mysteries to, er, plumb about these rabbit holes, and the continent overlap they make as well, most likely.

In other news/thoughts, I must decide what exhibit to show in my Yapland/Healy gallery next week, when I take down the current “E” exhibit. I’m leaning toward a more “conservative” show this time, perhaps just hanging some 10×10 collages, maybe just whole series. But we’ll see… I’ll keep the reader(s) posted.


I’m very tempted to go further into the rabbit hole explanation, helped by a man I’ve recently identified as Peter or Pete, who has a great deal of information to share. The legend goes that Pete use to live in the northwest corner of Noru, right next to my current gallery parcels. He knew Karoz. He lived in Sunklands, and has some kind of direct connections with Petemond, which may have started out as “Peter’s Mound”. According to Hucka D., Petemond was an early town in Sunklands, perhaps its primary town. Perhaps it was pre-Second Life as well.

There are reasons to believe that Peter or Pete was a rabbit, maybe a rabbit avatar such as in the picture next to the Jeogeot Rabbit Hole. An obvious resonation would be Peter Rabbit (?) or Peter Cottontail.

I better bring in Hucka D. before I get into trouble… “Hucka D.?”

(no answer.)

Maybe it’s my decision. “Hucka?”

(no answer.)


He’s not around tonight. He wasn’t expecting you. He has other projects.


Hi Plant. Do you or did you know Peter or Pete?




Was he a rabbit or rabbit avatar?




Was the town of Petemond or “Peter’s Mound” named after him.




Can you say anything else?


You better clear this with Hucka D. Goodnight.


Thank you.


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  1. Glad you are OK and not leaving SL my friend 🙂

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