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Loose Thoughts; Part 19 of blog August 24, 2009

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Despite Hucka D.’s warning, I don’t think this will be the end of the Baker Blinker Blog, but it will represent a pause, perhaps a rather large one, at least in terms of SL.

In *RL*, I plan to expand on the role of a place that I haven’t talked about before on this blog, with a direct resonance with a town called Denville in Mythos (in Bridee of Mythos, to be precise). A link between Mythos and RL is effected there. Or so the new theory goes. I’ll provide RL pictures asap; I wanted to go today but just didn’t make it. Tomorrow is a possibility.

A blue feather was found in an interesting spot on the mountain range in question. Will explore this range more in fall as well.

Denville has connections with Denver through name, but also nearby Boulder, now called Boulder West in this blog.

Baker Bloch, I believe, has disappeared temporarily or sunk temporarily into Sunklands on the Jeogeot continent. This is akin to his disappearance into Lemon World much earlier in this blog, except now Baker Bloch has more SL obligations to fulfill, such as maintaining galleries. He’ll be back. But the 2 disappearances seem to be linked. Could Lemon World exist also in Sunklands?

I believe Petemond (is this the same as Lemon World, somehow?) may have been located partially in the Arrowtown sim of Sunklands. A story of two side-by-side archetypes The Old Man and The Infant fit in here. They are the 2 survivors of what happened to Petemond… destroyed by atomics?

Arrowtown and Petemond, though, do not make a 1:1 match. There might be an overlap, but still quite distinct differences and separations between the 2.*

2 halves of Dr. Blood are united through Petemond.

Did “Greater Petemond” include our Rabbit Hole in Blackmount?**

* Is Arrowtown somehow connected to Arrowhead, 7th largest city of the Wazob country of Mythos? Arrowhead linked to arrowhead on Kansas City Chiefs football helmets. Might be connected to Kanas City Life, then, and thus Second Life.

**Sinks of Sunklands use to be larger and more numerous (?)