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Otherland 3d; Atoll Continent; Egan Sim August 19, 2009

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Thought I’d give out this helpful link (see under “helpful links” to right as well) because it gives a 3d rendition of Otherland Island #1 (right picture), where I lived this past winter. I don’t see my shack at the bay I lived on (just to the left of avatar’s left hand, the one standing on the map), although the map seems to be made at the general time it was there.

The Verloren Castle (larger structure surrounded by moat near the middle of the picture) is no longer on Otherland Island #1, but instead located within a 3 sim island nearby. It’s still in the Verloren sim, though, and you are still free to visit it. As I mentioned in this earlier post, Otherland was recently sold by the original owners/creators. Shame.

Some of the older posts from the Spinmass blog also give some interesting glimpses as to how the Atoll continent developed in 2005. Such as this one.

Well, here’s definitely one of those SL “aha!” moments, because unbeknownst to me beforehand, the very next post helps to explain the mysterious glyph I found in Egan which I recorded here last fall. So it was the phrase “Ben Wuz Here”, and did connect to Ben Linden, as I speculated at the time. Amazing! And another thing that’s now gone from the grid.

Hope the owner of SpinMass doesn’t mind me posting one of his images here, but it was too good to pass over the chance…



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  1. […] … but which once contained an interesting glyph. […]

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