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Holey Moley (!) August 18, 2009

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Anyone here? There?

Hucka D.:

You found the hole. Good work. But it was pretty obvious. How could water be on a high plateau in terrain view?


Let’s insert a picture or 2 here, then.



Hucka D.:

Fascinating, aren’t they.


I didn’t make the connection between the rabbits pictured just in front of the hole and Alice in Wonderland’s famous rabbit hole which she fell into.

Hucka D.:

Correct. You need to check more on that.


Let me provide a map of where this hole is, and also give dimensions. It’s, well, the hole is over 90 meters deep, I believe, with water at the 70 meter level [from the top]l. The hole itself is maybe 5 or 6 meters around at the top, but narrows at the bottom. I’ll check exact dimensions when I’m inworld the next time and create an appropriate footnote to this post here.

Hucka D.:

Then you found another hole, a very similar hole. But first your map.





Hucka D.:

Chance that this is toward the middle of the Sunklands area you’ve already identified on a map from this post? Probably not.


Should I also give the location of the other, almost same sized hole tonight, Hucka D.?

Hucka D.:

It’s in the Rubisea area. Near yet another rental you still have, in Bluedrake. The first, the Rabbit Hole that you can actually get to, is near the rental in Linn Burn Valley. Not too far, anyway. The second is even closer to your Bluedrake rental. Ok, go ahead and show it.






Hucka D.:

And this hole just so happens to be located on another map you recently posted to this blog, probably the one immediately before Sunklands. Here.


Yes, I can barely make the second hole out on that map. And a 3rd hole was found, just to be complete about this, but only 1/2 as deep. In contrast, the hole in Sunklands, what we’re now calling the Rabbit Hole, and the hole near Rubisea, are almost the exact same depth, a little more than 90 meters. The 3rd hole, which is found in Pinemont, also on the Jeogeot continent but quite far from the Rabbit Hole of Sunklands, is about 45 meters deep, and with a smaller pool of water at the bottom than either of the deeper holes we’re talking about here.

Hucka D.:

Good you brought all this up tonight.


And I should also mention the number — looks like 41 but could be 47 — that mysteriously appears in the same sim as the second “rabbit hole”. This would be in Ulyanovsk Oblast. What number do you think it is, Hucka D.?

Hucka D.:

Hmm, could be 41 or 47. But probably 41. You visited that location as well last night.


I couldn’t figure out from the terrain how it formed a 41 from above. Strange.

Hucka D.:

The second hole is protected by plastic. Wrapped in plastic. You can’t enter it, unlike the first. On a parcel called Mo’s Place, a 1024. All this means something.



Ok, Hucka D. I’ve im-ed the owner. Don’t know if she’ll answer back but thought it was worth a try.* So I was looking over this Plant Vs. Plant post just published. It mentions a very deep hole as well, one that supposedly goes all the way through the Earth. And immediately before this we were talking about Mozart, and I divided the word as Moz-art. Now we find that one of the duplicate or twinned holes is owned by Mo and is called Mo’s Place, a place to be determined according to the land description but presently sealed up in see-through plastic. Mo’s art, then. Still to be determined.

Hucka D.:

This is Mo’s Art, yes.


What does that mean?

Hucka D.:

Your friend Marty is up to something else now. Keep looking.


Thank you.

* 11/11/09: Never heard back from the owner of the Rabbit Hole.**
** 05/2010: Yes, she responded! I missed an email, apparently. See our discussions in the replies to this post.


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