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b_hivia Gallery tour, part 07 August 15, 2009

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This time the location of the photography is Charleston, South Carolina, our favorite vacation destination for sure. Hope you’ve been yourself, and, if not, it’s highly recommended, especially if you’re within, say, 7-8 hours.


Second part of the Wheeler-Jasper series just ahead, then, the Jasper half.



One, final middle aisle photography exhibit awaits Baker Bloch 2 ramps up, this time from the mostly deserted coal town of Pocahontas, Virginia.







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b_hivia Gallery tour, part 06

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… this time containing more Parkway related photographs by Edna. Nice.



Thought I’d show a little popup which occurs when you scoll your mouse over any picture in the gallery. This one indicates that the work is the 1st collage of the (10 part) Hidalgo series, is named “Lemon World”, and costs L65, or 65 lindens, about a quarter to us flesh and blood Americans. What I’d also like to include on all pictures are their dimensions, so that if one chooses to resize the work to fit a particular space, the original dimensions will not be lost. In all cases of resizing or stretching, in SL terms, one should always check the “stretch both sides” and “stretch textures” boxes when doing so. That way the original work can be scaled to any size under the 10 meter maximum.


Just as at the beginning of the Rose Hill series on the same level at the opposite side of the gallery, at the start of Hidalgo, Baker has to quickly ascend 2 ramps to reach the middle floor of the gallery and continue his tour.


A look down to the west end of the gallery and the Rose Hill collages.


Standing on the same spot, Baker now turns south to view Hidalgo collages 5, 6, and 7…


… then rounding the corner, Hidalgo collages 8, 9, 10, as well as the first of the Wheeler-Jasper series.


Ascending another ramp takes him to the second collage of the new series at the top. This one’s called “Wilsonia Driver”, created just this year, as were all the works of this newest series.


‘Nother waterfall, a blue one this time.


“Nother trip through the middle aisle of the gallery instead of choosing to walk around the waterfall.


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b_hivia Gallery tour, part 05

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Baker Bloch beaming down to floor 1, of “Photography Central” again. He’s finally ready now to ascend the other side of the gallery, starting with the Oblong series.


Walking toward the far end of the gallery to ascend the ramp that will take him to the first works of this series.


We’re going to skip a bit more on this second leg of the tour, since the two halves of the gallery, structurally, are almost exactly the same. Instead, what Baker is going to do now is to walk through the *middle* part of the gallery on each floor instead of bypassing that option, has he did all through the first leg covered in parts 1-4 of this blog tour.

Below he is at the top of the second ramp on this side, looking toward the middle part of the Oblong series. If he followed the procedure of the first part of the tour, he would walk around the waterfall directly in front of him to that narrow, 3 meter wide walkway and ascend the next ramp for a direct continuation of the Oblong series to its finish. But instead he’s going to choose to go in the middle of the gallery, and view more of Edna Million’s fine virtural photographs…


…such as these from Herman Park near our RL house, encountered just after turning a corner.



And then rounding the next corner, he spies the sign giving directions to the second part of the Oblong series…


… or just up the next ramp…


… again at the top of the next ramp after that, a choice: Baker can round the waterfall here to see more collages and more quickly ascend another ramp to more collages, bypassing all photographs.


Instead he chooses to walk down the middle aisle of the gallery, as before…


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Sinking into another chat…

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“I wish to talk to you more about Sunklands tonight, Hucka D., if it’s possible.”

Hucka D.:

Of course. Petemond. Center. Peter’s Mound. A town was sent.


Was this in the Pudding Hill sim?

Hucka D.:

Look that up.


OK (pause to look up)… ahh, another New Zealand location, like many in The Sinks. Interesting criticism here of investing in SL land using Pudding Hill property as an example.

Hucka D.:

You are not interested in profit, though.


No, but it’s interesting to read the myth he expounds on so well. Some of the information is dated.

Hucka D.:

You move around too much to worry about profit. You are onto other things. Exploration. *Information*.


Which could bring us back to Sunklands and this Petemond. This town that was sent from somewhere else. You say Peter use to live in Noru, which might be the same as Norumbega.

Hucka D.:

Norumbega was larger than Noru. Karoz’s Circle of Exploration is a key here.


Is that the same as Norumbega, then?

Hucka D.:

Essentially: yes.


But Noru would sit in the very center of it, since that was Karoz’s, *is* Karoz’s home base.

Hucka D.:



But Peter fought with Karoz over this center?

Hucka D.:

Yes. It was understood, though, that Karoz had to win. This was all established beforehand, in other dimensions and not this SL one.


You said the Noru property, then, had something to do with the creation of Sunklands in the first place.

Hucka D.:

Magic 9 Square. 9 1024 parcels in the northwest corner. Who gets the central one of the nine? Well, it is already predetermined, although echoes of the past/future clash are apparent.


Should we talk about Quetzalcoatl?

Hucka D.:



I have a feeling he is actually creating Sunklands.

Hucka D.:

True enough.


Who is opposing him?

Hucka D.:

No-one, really.


What is the resistance, then?

Hucka D.:



Was The Arab in Petemond?

Hucka D.:

Plant is here.


Hi baker Beach. Beautiful night, isn’t it?


Yes, very nice. I have my window open next to the computer here. How about you?


Oh I’m not really here. Waveforms, you see.


Right. What did you want to speak about tonight?


The sign in the center of Petemond.


The place where God committed suicide?


Yes. He just moved out of the SL dimension, though.


You must make peace with Marty, you know. In order to truly help with the coming problems.

Plant (reluctantly):

Yeah. (pause) I know.


Can you do that?


*No* (laughs)


What did the fellow ever do to you?


He just *was*. *Is*. Still around and kicking, you know. Like me.


I had some more insights today about Marty. At the coffee shop I frequent, his music, his variant’s music I mean, was purposely switched on by the barista to replace the country music then playing. I was just talking about another “Marty” as well, an old, old friend who had just ordered in front of me. I didn’t wish to talk to him, though.


I think this has something to do with Flatland.


Yes, come to think of it. Probably does. We use to talk about the 4th dimension, this other Marty and I. I was interested in Abbott’s book at the time, and this other dude, Claude Bradgon I believe. Hold on… Quite fascinating. Yes, I see that I was suppose to bring this up tonight in this particular post. Marty was helping me.







Hello Marty.


Hello. Hi.


4th dimension?


I have to be careful. Your world is not what it seems.




No. RL.




Yes, where miracles happen the truth peeks through. Sunklands is such a place, a crack in unreality.


And then truth peeks through.


Truth peaks through, period.


What is your relationship with Peter, namesake of Peter’s Mound or Petemond?


You are sensing that others are involved. Truth. There is the polarity of [delete name] and [delete name], like in Dr. Blood. They created Dr. Blood from that tension. Dr. Blood would be another Marty type entity in Sunklands, then.


Interesting. Thank you for that. What does Karoz have to do with this?


Karoz carved the diamond as George Carver. In the center it was. Sparkling pink with many, many facets. Too many? Maybe.


Dr. Blood has something to do with that as well?


Yes. Reaction. Complex and simple. Earth and Moon. Primary and satellite. Action and reaction. It is difficult to know what came first, though. One creates the other. Moon creates Earth as Earth creates Moon.


But it’s more one way than the other.


33.33 is usually a dimensional shift number. Here we have 75-25.


So the diamond created Dr. Blood.


It would appear so the way I am putting it here.


What does Quetzalcoatl have to do with this? Dr. Blood? The Diamond?


He said: “Help me.”


Is Quetzalcoatl the same as Jacob?

(Marty does not answer.)


OK… what is the Zeppelin Tube?


It is the answer.

Hucka D.:

I like Marty. He’s a fountainhead of information, a real maven, don’t you think? Plant’s cool too. One tall cool dude. But Marty is the 75 to Plant’s 25, don’t you know. It’s irritating to the one who thinks he’s getting the short end.


We better end.

Hucka D.:

Thank you.


b_hivia Gallery tour, part 04

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The beginning of the Yale-Newton series greets him at the top of this ramp, or tiers 4 and 5 of the overall 10 tier work. This is the last collage series appearing in the east side of the gallery.


First 5 collages of Yale-Newton. Again notice there is no waterfall in front of the next ramp here.


Instead the waterfall is found in the mezzaine area containing the everpresent pool, 1/2 floor up. Again the water flows up from this direction. The idea is that the water flows from this pool and into this pool at once, creating a kind of perpetual motion action somewhat akin to the one in this famous Escher print called Waterfall.

Notice also that the waterfall now is white and not blue, like the one passed through before in the Greenup series rooms. There are, in fact, 2 blue waterfalls and 2 white waterfalls of this kind in the gallery as a whole.


Same story as before: the passage here has been enlarged to form a path for easy access to the remaining 10 collages of Yale-Wheeler.



The first 2 collages of the Newton half of the Yale-Newton series.


First 6 collages of Newton. I should also add here, perhaps, that we have a resurfacing of Lake District images in the Yale-Newton collages of the art 10×10, absent since the Greenup series (where they otherwise dominated). Each series beyond this, all the way up to Wheeler-Jasper that ends the 10×10, will contain at least several collages with this type of imagery.


End of the Yale-Newton collages. Another pool and another fountain, just like the one already found by Baker Block in his tour of floors below.


Newton 10 Collage…


… and after another tight fit through a subsequently enlarged passage, Baker only has another quick ascent through two successive ramps to reach the top of the whole structure, technically floor 7. He has ascended through the entire height of the east wing.


To continue his tour of 10×10 collages in the correct order, he must use the provided teleporter (“b_hivia Gallery: Roof”) to head back down to floor 1 (“b_hivia Gallery: Photography Central”).


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b_hivia Gallery tour, part 03

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Baker Bloch actually has to walk through the phantom waterfall to ascend the next ramp, taking him to…


… a room or space very similar to the floor below, once again. Differences: the water in the pool is now flowing down, not up, and there is also a fountain on the wall to its left in the picture below. The end collages of the Greenup series (17-20) are found displayed here.


Better view of the fountain with its Green Man like visage.


He’s now standing beside collage 20 of the Greenup series, its endpoint. Another triangular opening must be traversed to quickly reach the next series, Rose Hill. Just as before, there’s now in this space a 3 meter (or so) wide path, making the ramp considerably more accessible, or allowing avatars to know that this is the correct way to ascend, at least to get most quickly to the next batch of collages.



Baker now stands in front of the first of 10 Rose Hill collages, the series following Greenup in the overall art 10×10. This is from 2005, and the style of the Rose Hill series will hopefully appear much different than Greenup, more artsy and self-contained, perhaps. This was the conscious intention at least.


A little different twist in the ascent comes now, because Baker Bloch must quickly climb not just one but two ramps in succession to reach the next floor and complete his viewing of the Rose Hill series. Collages 1-4 of this series appear, left to right, in the picture below.


Floor 4 of b_hivia. Baker Bloch looks through opening framed by Rose Hill 06 Collage and Rose Hill 07 Collage toward Rose Hill 08 Collage with its dominating blue and tan geodesic shapes.


One of the 3 teleporters currently in b_hivia is located beside where Baker Bloch stands above and below. I decided to name it “Collage Central”, for on this floor (4) is found only collages and no photographs, the only time this happens within the gallery.


Baker Bloch turns right and through the last two collages of the Rose Hill series, toward yet another ramp. He’s just over halfway up the innards of b_hivia now.


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b_hivia Gallery tour, part 02

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Since creating this post and its snapshots, I’ve deleted the wall fan pictured below. The idea was to let visiting avatars realize this is the wrong way, and that you should keep ascending the provided ramps to correctly follow the collage story of each series.


Baker Bloch ascends the next ramp, the second on this side of the gallery. He turns around to find a straight-as-an-arrow waterfall flowing *up* from a rectangular pool. Collages 6-11 of the Greenup series surround this central scene.


Nothing within the rectangular pool. Just sand or sumtin on the bottom.


The 11th collage of the Greenup series. Here Baker Bloch must either turn around or…


…walk through the triangular opening provided just beyond collage 11 here.


Now this is where the gallery has changed in the meantime, because I’ve edited the ramp prim to create a small, maybe 3 meter wide path in the space Baker Bloch is standing on below.


Baker Bloch looking back to the triangular space he just passed through, now a path, as I just said.


He’s now reached the room containing collages 12-16 of the Greenup series, which is almost exactly the same as the one passed through before containing Greenup collages 1-5.


About the only difference is the seating provided in the alcove to the room, where Baker Bloch now sits. Oh… and the waterfall of course.


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b_hivia Gallery tour, part 01

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The b_hivia tour begins. Sorry that the pictures mostly look the same but the gallery is designed as a no frills, large volume art warehouse of sorts. The gallery is a bit of an art piece itself, though, and I hope it’s not too confusing to the uninitiated — i.e, the ones that didn’t build it. 🙂

To start, let’s talk about what exactly is in b_hivia, or refresh one’s memory. It contains the entire art 10×10 of 100 collages that I, baker b., created from 2004 until 2009. I consider this to be my most important art project, and certainly the one that took the longest. Not that I was working constantly on this project during those years, but 10/12ths of a solid year was fully devoted to it out of this 4 1/2 year span, to the exclusion of almost all other creative energies. I know this because each tier of the 10×10, numbering 10, with 10 collages in each, (thus the “10×10” title) took almost exactly 1 month to create. No real variances on this, whether it was toward the first or toward the last. It’s an interesting, little fact, and one reinforced recently with the Jan-March completion of the the final two tiers (9 and 10) from this year, or what I call the Wheeler-Jasper series.

The unfolding of the 20 collages in the 2 tier Wheeler-Jasper series is chronicled in some detail in this blog at the time, and you can read about them if you wish here (link also provided under the “My Galleries” page at the top of the blog, within the b_hivia description). Again, as with all my blog posts, the most recent posts will come at the top. If you dig back even further, you’ll find that the Hidalgo collage series is also described during the time of its creation, which, in that case, would be during March-April of 2008. This also means that 30 collages of the 100 collages, almost a third of the whole work, were created during the time of this blog, which dates back to February 2008.

I might also add here that I’ve constantly seen the Baker Blinker Blog as being divided into sections according to months, starting with the first post on Feb. 20, 2008. I still organize it this way, and when I print out the blog and put it in ring binders, I’ll reverse the order of the posts to make them read front to back, but I’ll also arrange them according to these month long sections. As of the present, I’ve completed, then, 17 sections, and am finishing up the 18th this weekend, perhaps.

The reason I bring this up in connection with b_hivia specifically is that my deep involvement with each of the collage series during this time, besides taking up exactly one month apiece, also corresponds with one of these month long sections, namely:

2: Hidalgo (3/17/084/17/08)
12: Wheeler (1/23/092/20/09)
13: Jasper (2/23/093/17/09)


But I’ll leave a fuller discussion of that subject for another time.

The other important aspect of the new and hopefully improved gallery besides the art 10×10 of 100 collages is the presence within of about all of Edna Million’s photographs formerly displayed in the Temple of TILE, which number around 60. To remove them from the context of the temple, where they admittedly worked so well, was a difficult decision. As I mentioned, b_hivia has its pluses and minuses, and I can’t discount a shift back to the old galleries where the Edwardston Station Gallery contained *just* the 10×10, and the Temple of TILE contained *just* Edna’s photographs. But for now they are blended, and in an interesting way, I feel. This *may* be the best way to exhibit the works, separately or together.

Let’s start the tour and see how the two collections, one collages and one photographs actually complement one another within the space of b_hivia.

Below is the beam in point for the gallery as a whole. This will be floor 1 in our numbering system… there are 7 floors altogether, not counting mezzanine areas. Floor 1 only exhibits Edna’s photographs, and the teleporter for this level is currently named “b_hivia Gallery: Photography Central”, because this is the largest, contiguous display of photographs within the gallery as a whole.


A look toward the center of the gallery, with its blue table and light. Clicking on this light provides a URL for more in-depth b_hivia information, as mentioned in the notecard that should pop up for visitors when they teleport into the main entrance here.


The right or west side of the gallery on this floor contains some of the more abstract of Edna’s photographs, as well as a couple of Charleston, South Carolina shots. More Charleston pictures will also be found higher up in the gallery.


The left or east side contains Land of Oz related photographs, which should be familiar to those who visited the old Gallery at the Temple of TILE.


Ramps on each end of b_hivia (east and west) provide access to higher levels. In front of Baker Bloch below is the east, lower ramp. A green sign has since been added to indicate that up the ramp will be found the Oblong series of the 10×10.


Baker Bloch ascends the ramp to view the first of the Oblong collages…



… but let’s back up and start our tour of the collage sections of the gallery in the correct order, at least according to the age of the collages within the overall 10×10. For it is the Greenup series that actually begins the 10×10, not the Oblong series, which instead starts the 2nd half of same. So Baker Bloch has now walked to the other side of the gallery, passed the *red* sign for the Greenup series, and is, below, looking at the first collage of this series, which is also the first of the 10×10. From this point Baker Bloch will keep ascending higher and higher through the 6 floors of the west side of the gallery until reaching the roof, when he’ll need to beam down to floor 1 again to begin a similar ascent through the east side of the gallery.


The first 5 collages of the Greenup series, created *way back* in late 2004. Seems like a decade ago now. Amazing to think that Second Life itself was just getting its feet underneath it at the time.


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