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Sunklands August 13, 2009

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First, a map of Sunklands, growing in legendary status with each passing day. I’m already bragging about my intimate ties to the region to even friends who are totally unfamiliar with Second Life. I think I just like the way the word rolls off my tongue. Sunklands, Sunk, sink, sank. Sunklands.

But to get serious or sumtin, you can see from the encircled region of the below map the extent of Sunklands. The way I define it here makes it a bit less than 1 square mile total land. You can also see all of the clearly identifiable sinks of the region, which number six according to my counting. The Lill Burn Valley where Baker Bloch lived for several weeks is the location of the westernmost sink, tucked in the northwest corner of Sunklands proper.


When Baker Bloch initially tries to enter Sunklands from the east to begin the first blog tour of the area, he instead encounters empty space.


Only after he logs out of SL and back in does the first Sunkland related sim beyond the eastern lip of the region come into existence again. This would be Oolamoo. Baker Bloch, however, stands in Arang below and stares down Route 10, which passes into Oolamoo several meters in front of him.


A lake is found at the bottom of the second largest sink of Sunklands. This is still in Oolamoo, but on the western side now. That high wall separates Oolamoo from Drews to the west, and also separates two parts of what appear to be a single lake. However, the water level on the dammed Oolamoo side is about 10 meters higher than that of the Drews side (45 meters to 35 meters). In fact, in walking around the Drews side, the water never seems to come much above Baker Bloch’s knees. The Oolamoo side can reach a depth of 10 meters.

And just as a side note, there has been hints in more recent chat related posts on this blog about the Oolamoo/Drews Lake once harboring The Arab, and maybe where it was first discovered in Second Life. More on that soon, perhaps.


Another shot of the Oolamoo part of the lake, looking east. This is in a really nice residental area extending over all of Oolamoo and also the majority of Nedben to the north. I will also admit that this is the place Baker Bloch has been hiding out since Part 18 of this blog kicked in about August 21st or so.


The much shallower, Drews half of the lake now. The wall in the background represents the other side of the same wall where Baker Bloch is floating in his little floaty toy above.


Penned ducks are found on the shores of the lake in Drews.


A view looking east across the shallow Drews version from a disrepaired, small temple on the west edge of Drews. Overall, the lake is close to about 450 meters long and about 50 meters across at its widest point.


Baker Bloch then follows Route 10 west to the edge of the largest sink, but has no time to enter and explore this night.



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