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Back to Zen City/Nowtown… August 6, 2009

A nighttime mediation moment for Baker Bloch on “Bill Hill”. Very nice.


Then after a couple of other stops, it’s on to the Zen City/Nowtown area again. I don’t think I’ve included a picture of Zen City yet on this blog so here’s one for ya. Very deserted. What you see here is about what you get. To remind: this is the “city” Little Robert Plant Variant supposed destroyed, maybe several times, and, alternately, with his own, bare raging hands, or, moving to the other extreme, with atomics — think Hiroshima on a very miniature scale. This is just north by northeast of Nowtown, where the Plant Plantation was supposedly located. Apparently there was some intense rivalry going on between the two communities during Plant’s childhood, with Zen City being the more modern and urban of the two, and considering Nowtown and its residents backwards and hick in comparison. Perhaps this is sorta like the rivalry between Pixley (“urban”) and Hooterville (“rural”) in the Green Acres sitcom from the mid to late 60s.


Baker Bloch also notices that the asphalt road connecting the two communities has been mostly pulled up, perhaps another aspect of the ongoing rivalry — just a guess; may have nothing to do with the rivalry, especially since Zen City seems completely abandoned anyhow.


Baker revisits the stream supposedly marking the southern boundary of the Plant Plantation in Nowtown. Does this now have something to do with Unnasty Branch in Bluedrake on a completely different continent? We may find out soon enough.


Baker now above the Fyre Maven Temple at dawn, where Robert Plant Variant attended cultish religious ceremonies while growing up in Nowtown. In fact, the ceremonies were compulsory attendance for community members, with death by dismemberment a possible punishment. Plant said this would not be accomplished by the community itself but the huge Fyre Maven bird. Plant also adds that the bird may just have been an old wizard named Maven in disguise. But Plant also did not see anyone dismembered by the bird. Nor did he ever see the giant Maven bird itself, nor the supposed wizard behind the guise.

“We just took it on faith that it was there on top of the mountain somewhere and never went to that place. We also took it on faith that we could be killed, torn limb to limb even, if we did not attend regular worship service in its temple, supposedly built by its own wings, er, hands. What-ever. So I knew that if I ever stopped attending services that I’d have to leave Nowtown forever, which is what happened. Now I didn’t go to Zen City — that wasn’t an option since I’d destroyed it and all. I’m not saying how many times this happened but I will admit it happened once at least. And I won’t say how it happened — you’ll have to speculate amongst yourselves, Bakers, for that.”

Interesting fellow this Robert Plant Variant is. So he supposedly left for Sternberg and with the tube which may be the same as the atomics. But let’s save that for another time.


I think I’ve already outlined the basic division of Jeogeot continent region that Baker and Karoz have forged for the purposes of future explorations. The Big E or, looking from the opposite direction, the Big Schwa sitting on the northeast corner of the Noru properties now, helped the two define this boundary. Basically Karoz’s territory is found on the “Schwa” side, or 13 of the 14 southern sims of the Korean Channel that the letter, overall, represents. Baker’s territory covers the northern 12 sims of the same channel picture on the “E” side. In-between sits a square of 4 sims (Redazillion, Lemongrass, Bestimax, Qui Quon) which is so called “Neutral Territory”. These are pictured on the front of the letter, and technically not a part of either side, “E” or “Schwa”.

However, very close to this neutral territory, just south of Bestimax, is also found the island pictured below, which is technically in Karoz’s realm but, well, let’s save that for later as well. But anyways, Baker Bloch decides to visit this smaller, green rectanguly island near the middle of the Korean Channel this same night, and surprisingly finds it inhabited, and by none other than Head Mole Michael Linden himself. according to the Land description.


And here’s a picture of the same island on the very top of Big E/Big Schwa, completely bereft of objects apparently. And the texture was only created about a month ago. I also noticed today that the Moles are building a huge bridge across the southern expanse of the Korean Channel. More on that soon as well!



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