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Wilsonia at Sylver Forest, Baker B. At B_Hivia… Decisions, Decisions… July 30, 2009

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Wilsonia makes her first visit, I believe, to the Sylver Forest Galleries. She ponders the mystery of the Tyle Cube, making its reappearance today after a couple of days in limbo.


Then she goes outside to the Sky Forest to look up at the Big Schwa (formerly the Big E… or is it both?).


Baker Bloch at the center of b_hivia, lower floor, showcasing the photography of Edna Blinker.


Is it prudent to have the same approx. 160 piece set of art in both Noru (b_hivia) and Horisme (Sylver Forest Galleries)? Probably not, but I can’t make a choice between the 2 just yet. Will take it, perhaps, week to week. Thinking of redoing the photographs in the Temple of TILE, maybe combining it with the Where are we on that? Gallery. Maybe even moving it down to where the Edwardston Station Gallery presently sits (???). What to do with the Big Schwa, though?


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