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Wilsonia at Sylver Forest, Baker B. At B_Hivia… Decisions, Decisions… July 30, 2009

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Wilsonia makes her first visit, I believe, to the Sylver Forest Galleries. She ponders the mystery of the Tyle Cube, making its reappearance today after a couple of days in limbo.


Then she goes outside to the Sky Forest to look up at the Big Schwa (formerly the Big E… or is it both?).


Baker Bloch at the center of b_hivia, lower floor, showcasing the photography of Edna Blinker.


Is it prudent to have the same approx. 160 piece set of art in both Noru (b_hivia) and Horisme (Sylver Forest Galleries)? Probably not, but I can’t make a choice between the 2 just yet. Will take it, perhaps, week to week. Thinking of redoing the photographs in the Temple of TILE, maybe combining it with the Where are we on that? Gallery. Maybe even moving it down to where the Edwardston Station Gallery presently sits (???). What to do with the Big Schwa, though?


b_hivia gallery (just like that!)

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More details soon, but for the past 2 days I’ve been heavily involved in creating a new gallery in Noru called b_hivia on my 2 remaining 1024 parcels there. As of about 8 tonight it’s done! It presents an alternate way of displaying almost all the photographs and collages of the 2 main Horisme galleries, or the Gallery at the Temple of TILE (Edna’s photos) and the Edwardston Station Gallery (my collages). There are strengths and weaknesses to both displays. If the Temple of TILE hadn’t been recently revised itself I might just say the heck with it and go with b_hivia as the main venue for Edna’s photos. I’m still tempted… I’ll have more to say about these 2 display options later. Some pictures for now of b_hivia, and, yes, it uses the old b_hivia from Gliese as its base. There’s 4 of them in this new structure, kind of a mini-Ubertemple. But the Ubertemple was too big, and perhaps its smaller successor in Otherland was as well. This seems to be just the right, and will fit snugly onto 2 side-by-side 1024s (2048 total, of course). This makes it also the alternate version of the stacked cube version of the Temple of TILE and the Edwardston Station Gallery first proposed this Spring (after the demolishment of the Otherland mega-gallery), which also fits snugly on the same amount of property (2 1024s). Very interesting… I’ll give a tour asap. And I want to chat w/ Hucka D. a little bit tonight as well. Don’t want to forget about Rubisea. But I have some more land decisions coming up soon. Do I give up Horisme already, since I have the new b_hivia in Noru at half the prim count (and 1/2 the land)? Do I rent more land in Noru, since I know I want to keep b_hivia there now? (there’s an issue with who can build at each location — considerably more options in Noru since Hucka D. and Baker Blinker can also build/rez things
there). Also the proximity to Chilbo must weigh in here; I simply am not attracted now to the Atoll continent like I use to before the escape this past winter, although I’ll always have a soft spot for the Rubi Forest itself… and the Great Wall a bit. And I have a good SL/RL friend that lives in the immediate area. Difficult decisions coming up. I’ve been in Noru about 2 1/2 months, with 3 months assured since I’ve paid rent through 8/15. And now it will be beyond for at least the 2 parcels that the spanking new b_hivia hovers above in the sky now (it’s at almost 300 meters).
There’s also the problem of where to put the newer narrative, SL photograph based galleries, starting with Where are we on that? and extending through “E” a letter of stories now. Both of these galleries have their origin in exhibits for the Something To Chro About Gallery in Yapland. Do I now keep that as well? I’ve been in Yapland, wow, almost 1/2 a year, an eternity in SL, at least for me. And I definitely want to keep options open for renting in other places as well, especially, now, Maebaleia, or most immediately. I still have my cottage in Bluedrake presently.
But to the preliminary photographs of b_hivia…
First, actually, let me present some pictures I had in my queue re the ground forest of my Horisme property, specifically focusing on a mound on the north side of the property. Not sure why I’m so interested in this; again, the mound makes a kind of convex/concave dialect with the pond immediately south of it, and the 2 represent the most prominent landscape forms of this miniature forest. Is it a remnant of a much vaster Sylver Forest that use to exist in this area, as Hucka D. has proposed? Could be. Here’s those pictures, then…





Then here’s the b_hivia gallery in Noru. More soon on that… (it’s 60 meters tall, 60 meters long, and 30 meters wide in case you’re wondering about the dimensions)