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Chat… July 28, 2009

“Hucka D., I want to go back to this post from June which seems to summarize the story of Karoz in Jeogeot and perhaps Maebaleia as well. There’s so many references to “blue feather” and “blue cube” and blue in general — along with other things — in Maebaleia that I think it’s now indisputable that a… well, what do you think?”

Hucka D.:

What about the Bluecube gallery also being on that continent? You must return there as well. Also Blue Strawberry gallery, the gallery closest to what you call the Blue Feather Sea, although no one else save you calls it this… yet. And the Blue Strawberry has replaced your need to place a Blue Feather Gallery near or on its shores. Instead you can focus on Bluedrake now. What do *you* think, baker b.?


I think Bluedrake is where it all starts. The Blue Feather comes from Bluedrake. It is a manifestation of, um, the positive side of Rubisea that halfway lies within the Bluedrake sim. The other half is the moon, dark. Werewolves… Lycanthrope. The Bluedrake half is the sunny side. Gold, sun. Together they form the rebis, which may be the same as, well, The Bakers.

Hucka D.:

This is true enough. You better talk about The Depot.


Well, my thinking is that there was, or perhaps will be, a “depot” beside the Unnasty Branch that flows almost all the way across the Bluedrake sim, west to east. This depot resonates directly with the one that use to be in the River Arts District of Ashville, which somehow lost its “e” in this blog. The old rr depot of this district use to be right beside what was then known as Nasty Branch, because its color was often red or reddish. And I found this out *after* speculating that the Rubisea’s color was once red, perhaps of blood — which, I’ll remind you, an idea you poo pooed at the time…

Hucka D.:

Hey, I never said I was infullible.


Infallible, you mean. [Both smile.]

Anyway, I think the creeks are directly related now. Rubisea *use* to be red — Unnasty Branch in Bluedrake use to be red and polluted. It’s the only stream entering Rubisea, at least presently. This is just like Nasty Branch in Ashville, next to the depot. So my reasoning is that there was a depot there as well. A depot to RL and not another town, though.

Hucka D.:

You could call it another town. But, yes, it’s a depot connecting SL and RL. There in Bluedrake. CV Rentals now extends that energy, and now protects the Unnasty Branch lying wholly in Bluedrake. And a motel as well, another rental, you see.


Hmmm… yeah.

Hucka D.:

They came from all over to this place, this new place that had just opened and the Lindens later only rediscovered or re-uncovered/ re-revealed. It is important that you write about this depot in your blog. But instead of Nasty Branch flowing into the French Broad River, it flows into the Rubisea — creates it, in effect. There’s only one stream entering this pool, as you stated. Many, many such tributaries empty their waters into the French Broad, in contrast. This is a focusing in on one important stream, then. Nasty Branch is one and the same in both realities. That’s a hinge.


But there’s also a direct relationship between the much larger Blue Feather Sea and Rubisea. Today I estimated that the former is about 12-13 times the length of the latter. But remove the size difference and they’re quite similarly shaped, as well as pointing in the same direction…


Hucka D.:

The direction needs to be inverted and reversed to make it more distinct. That was the plan.


Alright, let’s check it out…


Well, something to think about, anyways.

Hucka D.:

The Blue Feather Sea *came from* Bluedrake. Drake is a duck is a bird. Feather from bird. But the feather is much larger than the bird in this case. 12-13 times as large along one side alone. What does this mean? Is it, perhaps, a RO of ones, then? 12 or 13? CHRO… BROOK… ROOK?


I don’t want to go off on too much of a tangent, Hucka D. I know now that Maebaleia is obviously Earth, with its own Moon as well. Blue Earth — Blue Feather. Too many blues in one area to ignore. And we haven’t even mentioned the Limoncello gallery yet, a huge blimp. Too much like lemon or lime jello, perhaps. Gel.. Gelsomina.

Hucka D.:

You need to understand The Bill still. And find the true ruler of SL. It could be Arcadia Asylum. Probably not, but it’s a reasonable guess. A transformed AA. Her illumination.


I better log off. Thank you.

Hucka D.:

Thank you.


I’ll be back!


2 Responses to “Chat…”

  1. […] And this hole just so happens to be located on another map you recently posted to this blog, probably the one immediately before Sunklands. Here. […]

  2. […] > I think at least one of the seed was of a giant persimmon tree. Golf and drivers/woods were connected in some way. Wheeler 02 collage may represent a depiction of this giant tree or giant projected tree (Redwood in Wilsonia, CA on the collage). If so, then Wheeler 08 may also be important since the same “driver” is in it. The seed was the same as the marriage of Baker Blinker and Baker Bloch — their union, and also a symbol of Rubisea itself, the smaller inland sea, that is. It was known that it was also a “red c”, or a red note, perhaps middle c. From this c or seed, all 12 (or 13) notes of the chromatic scale were formed. In the Lake District of Maebaleia, this would represent relationship between Rubisea (c) and Blue Feather Sea (all 12 or 13 notes). Blue Feather Sea is about 12-13 times wider than Rubisea. Blue Feather Sea, then, is just a future version of Rubisea, demonstated by turning the geographic relationship 180 degrees. […]

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